Belated, budget related

CF hasn't really given his lofty opinions on the budget. There's far more important things to do. For all of us. For fuck's sake.

But the good ol' Salted Slug has got this sorted. Why write more, when he encapsulates it so very, very well?

You really should get yo' ass over there and read the whole piece, but Salty is at his finest when he discusses that fucking pathetic, last minute, yet a-fucking-gain attack on Lord Ashcroft, via 'Belize'. Over to Salty:

"So, while the country languishes in near-certain economic doom, and when presented with an opportunity to mitigate the damage and at least pretend to be steering us toward sanity, they fuck that up and then take the time and effort to secure a frivolous diplomatic arrangement with a foreign power in order to inconvenience the entirely legal behaviour of one fucking man because he is a donor to the main opposition party? This is what the government is doing with it’s time, with our money?

Warming to his theme, he continues ..

Observing the response to this little caper, at the mooing horde on Labour’s side of the room, and that shit-eating rictus stretched across the face of their lumpen troll leader, I felt a sick mixture of amusement and disgust. Amusement because the choice is laugh or cry at this pathetic theatre of governance, and disgust because that is the only just reaction to our lives being toyed with in such a contemptuous and indifferent fashion."

Well, yeah.



Captain Haddock said...

They really are a bunch of malignant & malicious bastards, aren't they ?

Could it possibly be due to the fact that so many of them are Arse-bandits .. d'you think ??

increasinglymiffed said...


thespecialone said...

Why are about 30% of the public allegedly still willing to vote for these useless socialists?

selsey.steve said...

We need a military coup d'etat, we really do.
There should be executions at dawn of these anal orifices.
I despair.

Anonymous said...

The second paragraph which you quote...will appear in our childrens, childrens history books. They will wonder why the fuck we didnt see this at the time !

Mrs Rigby said...

@ Anon - the winners write the history books.