Devil's Kitchen gone? What?

Chris Mounsey, leader of the Libertarian Party UK  - and long-term King of the sweary bloggers over at Devil's Kitchen - was terribly brutalised by Andrew 'Brillo Pad' Neill today, on some crappy little special interest programme that CF (and everyone else) is legally obliged to fund, known as 'The Daily Politics' show.

No need for further description here: see Obo, Salty, Charlotte, Dick et al for details. Mark 'Reckons' Thompson, although a million miles from being a Libertarian, is equally supportive.

Even the Chuckle Brothers, Boaty 'n' D., have taken time out from their GCSE revision to offer their three penn'orth, though you'll get no link for that patronising bollocks.

But generally, the tone has been supportive of DK / Chris, and wishing Brillo a painful early death.

So pissed off was Chris / DK by this monstering that he offered his - thankfully refused - resignation to the party.

But surely now, wounds have been licked, future plans have been considered, 'never agains' have been dictated. So why, oh why, - when we try to visit the DK blog - are we seeing this?

What the fucking hellski, as the man himself might say, is going on here?

++ UPDATE ++  via RayJPUK:

So, still. What? The? Fuck?



Martin said...

He says on twitter:
The current incarnation of The devil's Kitchen is dead. Explanation coming soon—do not adjust your URLs...

All we can do it wait, really.

Old Holborn said...

I spotted that

If I was DK, I'd have just chinned Brillo Pad.

Never did the Sex Pistols any harm

Anonymous said...

They love getting their scalps. Dirty little war.

Unknown said...

Update: Finally, Wiggy has claimed a scalp.

And it isn't that of some thieving politician or some overpaid, jack-booted jobsworth. It's mine. Or, rather, it is that of my ruder sibling, for I am his twin—identical in every respect except that I swear a little less and indulge in fewer violent fantasies.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Uninspiring shit Brillo claims scalp of inspiring guy who will carry on writing, better and more knowedgeably than Brillo ever does, regardless.

Ta for the link, CF.

JuliaM said...

You've got to pick your battles, to win the war...

Matthew Hopkins said...

War is it?

adieu DK, weapons free on Brillo.