Save Our Souls

So, we're all chuffed and delighted that the "F*ck off Gordo" petition has now passed the 10,000 signature mark. Surely this is an up-swell of popular opinion. Surely the one-eyed mentalist is even now clearing the contents of his desk into a black bin bag?

But wait ... let's do some investigative journalism ...

There are several other petitions on the site; one of them is a pretty-bloody-obscure request that the RNLI ("the lifeboats, mum") don't have to pay for the use of certain radio frequencies.

That petition, while highly worthy, could only be of interest to lifeboat-men (bless 'em) and to the numerous sailors who have been / will be hauled from the freezing sea by these heroes.

But that petition has ... wait for it .... over 28,000 signatures.

I don't think I need to do the maths for you here. Unless we see a bit of a surge in the anti-Gordon petition, he's going to (quite rightly) conclude that nearly 3 times as many people want the RNLI to get a free pass to say "over and out" to each other all day as want him to JUST F*CK OFF.

So, in the name of god, SIGN THE PETITION.