They don't want you either, Gordon

Self-proclaimed Dundee wifey Subrosa is carrying an open letter to Gordon from a soldier he "dropped in on" yesterday whilst trying to hide away from the rest of us:

"Do you and other politicians realise how inconvenient these 'moral boosting' visits are to us here in Afghanistan? I truly do not think you have any idea and if you do then it's of little interest to you.

A number of soldiers, because of your 'impromptu' visit, had their R & R delayed. They have been working every day for two months and really needed to get away from the smell of war and the taste of fear but no, that was not to be. We had to be available to have breakfast with you, orders are orders. Not only were these particular soldiers affected by your visit, the whole routine of the camp was upset because others were taken off normal duties recently to see to your security and travel arrangements. There were your henchmen to be considered too with their numerous demands.

So all in all you've upset many hard working soldiers who are unable to tell you what they think because freedom of speech is denied them. But I can tell you. Politicians using our troops in this way is tantamount to abuse. You and your ilk contribute nothing by visiting us. Please stay away and let us perform our duties. "

See, Gordon, no-one wants you. Not there, not here.