Same ol' same ol' ?

So, Mr Bean  - sorry, lil' Ed' - sorry, Ed Miliband - has summoned up the courage to crawl from beneath the wreckage of his party's failed 'project' and say a few words today.

A few words to future students, who might be wondering where the fuck their beer 'n' kebab ('n' textbook, perhaps) money might be coming from.

He gave us all the benefit of his opinions in a little speech, with the cute-but-catchy soundbite "the Jilted Generation". Oh dear God. Spare us the spin..

But, for once, even the boys 'n' girls over at the normally compliant Staggers are not convinced.

As they point out, this is the man who said, a few weeks ago

"We must have a system that promotes equal opportunity .. and provides fair and sustainable funding for universities. That is why there is such a strong case for moving towards a graduate tax and why we will develop a proposal in our policy review"

Not only that, but back then he also got a big stick and forced former Posty, former Cabinet minister, Alan 'Black 'n' White Cat' Johnson to say

"We are now seeing how casually the variable fees system can be distorted with such damaging effects. It is in these circumstances that there is a strong case for a graduate tax, which may offer a fairer way of sharing costs between individuals and government.

So what did Mr Bean say today? When talking to the Jilted Generation?

I also know we can only meet people's desire for a better politics if we make promises we know we can keep. At this stage, I can't make a promise on tuition fees, but I am clear about our guiding principles."

"Strong Case"? "..can't Make a Promise"? Can you see what it is yet? That's right: it's expediency and hypocrisy and bullshit...



Anonymous said...

Hi - I am definitely happy to find this. great job!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back CF

One injustice of a graduate tax is that it almost certainly would not be paid by people who work outside the UK after graduation. This could encourage an acceleration in the already high rate of emigration. People in favour of a graduate tax never address this.
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