The Last Post

I - yeah, let's abandon the third person - have decided to give up, to quit, to call it a day.

Why? Well, no one compelling reason. I haven't been 'outed' at work, my wife hasn't threatened to leave me, I'm not standing for Parliament and I haven't had both hands amputated. No, not one big reason, but lots of little 'uns.

While this was never anywhere near being a Premier League blog, it was perhaps a contender in one of the minor divisions. May's figures were the best yet (barring the Paul Clarke twitterstorm lunacy) with over 62,000 views - more than 2,000 a day. Over 460,000 views in just over a year. I'm quite proud of that.

But it takes time to get to that - posting every day, even on weekends, and more recently, posting twice per day. 82 posts in May. 286 in 2010, and 614 in total. And that's when the blog turns into a hungry baby bird, beak always open.

It all gets a bit Groundhog Day-ish; when you start to scour the news websites with not a clue what to post about, but with a conviction that you must, must write something, you know things aren't quite right.

And when your first thought on booking a holiday is not about the hire car but about the automatic posts for while you're away, you know the tail has begun to wag the dog.

And when you realise that, actually, you're not going to change the world - or indeed anything - by blogging, and that you've always known that, and that you're probably really only doing it because you like the sound of your own voice, then you wonder if its all not a tad self-indulgent.

So, all in all, time to stop.

Who knows, maybe I won't be able to stay away. Maybe a break will make me feel differently, and I'll return to the fray refreshed. Maybe.

I'm not going to delete the blog, or switch off comments, or ignore emails to CF, or indeed change anything. It'll all still be sitting here, until perhaps one day Google decide to reclaim the server space.

Regardless, many thanks to all who took the time to read the blog, to comment, to debate and to strenuously agree or disagree with each post. Thanks also to those kind enough to link to or to tweet the posts they liked, and thanks to those who put Constantly Furious on their blogrolls.

I've really enjoyed meeting all of you - most of you online, a few of you face-to-face - and perhaps I will again one day.

Until then, thanks and goodbye.




The Last Of The Few said...

Just take a break...........

Witterings from Witney said...

Sorry to hear this CF. May not have commented much but greatly enjoyed your views.

Timdog said...

I have been blogging only for a very short while, but I had this feeling as well - going onto news sites just to find something to say, having this compulsion to write for the sake of it. Is quickly very tiring.

I think it's awesome that some people can just keep turning out quality posts - Anna Raccoon, OH, Obo, you, DK, Dizzy, Charlotte Gore and many others. But I totally get what you mean, and if you force it you run the risk of making your blog shit and that would be a real pity.

Reckon you'll be back within a fortnight though, the bile will overspill otherwiuse

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Fuck's sake. Well, it's your decision, but I will miss you.


Bryan said...

Oh no. You are my third port of call after GF and ID…

You’ve forgotten another reason to blog. Your postings give so much satisfaction to like-minded citizens. We feel that you speak for us, and you say it rather better than we would.

I won’t delete you for now. (I damn nearly deleted Charlotte, only to find her arising from the ashes and incomparably better than before.)

JuliaM said...

"Who knows, maybe I won't be able to stay away. Maybe a break will make me feel differently, and I'll return to the fray refreshed. Maybe."

Let's hope so. One good post from you is worth a dozen or more from some other blogs.

Will be very, very sorry to see you ride off into the sunset.

Unknown said...

And another one does, another one does, another one bites the dust...

Sorry, that song was going through my head when I read your post above.

Your posts have been an eye opener and convayed what was in all our minds but we did not dare say out aloud.

Take care my friend and, hopefully, you will do an Arnie and come back.

Just love that monicker though.

Jiks said...

Damn, sorry to hear this CF.

I have really enjoyed reading your posts, even the ones I've not agreed with.

Anonymous said...

CF. That's a real shame. Why not keep the blog going for the occasional rant as and when it comes along. This government is going to provide us with loads of ammo and you don't have to do stuff all of the time.

I do enjoy your rants and would be happy enough to check in every now and again to see if anything has rattled your cage!

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

Hope you change your mind!

Anonymous said...

Oh No! Since I discovered your blog you have made me endlessly happy, defusing my own ranting and raving with your own, saying it far better than I ever could. But a blog doesn't have to be like a daily paper, coming out on the dot come rain or shine. Just relax and post when you feel inspired to say something. Sometimes, less is more. I'll keep checking in and thank you for keeping me amused for five minutes once a day for the last few months!

Sam Clark said...

I disagree with much of what you write but enjoyed it anyway - thanks for the efforts....

John Demetriou said...


See your next post in a few days, eh. Mr Constantly Anna R.


Skittler said...

FFS, and I've been spreading the word as much as I can, too. I'd like to echo Obo's sentiments but I can't quite bring myself to do it.

Seriously, I read approx. 30 blogs a day and CF is now right up there in the top bracket for me.

I sincerely hope that a short break will be enough for the underlying pressure to build, after which we can expect a long and uninterrupted continuation of the eruption we have come to know and love.

Anonymous said...

So sad about this, but respect the decision - you were 3rd call after GF & OH.
Shall still call to see if you're back.

Kingbingo said...

Sir, In my humble opinion you’re the best thing on the internet right now. I read you without fail.

True you have been blogging a lot lately. Would you consider just blogging once a day during the week rather than twice a day everyday, that would be enough. I ask from selfishness.

Captain Ranty said...


I will miss you too.

I hope you will come back, re-energised and full of piss & vinegar. Otherwise we are stuck with sanitised, politically correct bile from those who seek popularity over the truth.

Much respect,


RAF Bloke said...

CF - I really hope you change your mind, Just take a break and come back 'refreshed'?
Either way, I only found your blog a few weeks ago, but found it a fantastic read.
Take care and thanks.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Sorry to read this, CF.

But then, if you're anything like me, just saying that you're shutting down will give you the space to rest—and then you'll find things to write about and, simply because you don't have to post, you'll find that you want to write.

Or, of course, maybe not.


AndrewRuss said...

Fuck - this is a big shame - my favourite blog

Anonymous said...

Take a break - come back - write less! No need to flog yourself.

Where the fuck and I going to get my opinions to fuck off my academic colleagues now, you pestilent cunt?

Love you x

delcretin said...

Oh No! No! No! read all the above and consider CR and DK's advice. Your valedictory post shows you just say what you think and that's what people read whether they agree with you or not. Priceless!

Captain Haddock said...

I'm really saddened to learn of your decision CF ..

This, for me is one of the best Blogs out there & I shall miss it ..

Have a break, Have a Kit-Kat but please come back ..

Thanks for all the laughs & good posts, I wish you well..

Obscene Dilemma said...

Sad to hear. I have really enjoyed reading your posts. Maybe, just maybe, one day you will change your mind, a bit like Charlotte Gore did.

All the best


Matthew Hopkins said...

Respect and understand the decision. But, fuck it, who am I going to read now that gives the cathartic eloquence to the rage that I feel?

ride free.

Jill said...


But it's true that various things on the interweb become addictive. I've done it in several different ways. Of course, the *point* of blogs is that you say what you want when you want - so there's no obligation.

Hopefully, you'll come back to writing without obligation once you've done some cold turkey.

Will miss you.

microdave said...

Wot everyone else has said....

FFS, no one is expecting you to post twice a day! Have a break (another early morning visit to Hunstanton?) and reconsider - PLEASE!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is such a shame - don't do it! Just limit yourself to a couple of days a week!

RantinRab said...

Aye, it does get a bit much. I know exactly how you feel.

I hardly post at mines now, not got the time nor the energy.

Just take a back seat blog wise, you might feel the urge to post every now and again. You can't totally go, we both started near enough at the same time!

Duncan Stott said...

This is sad news, but understandable. But perhaps there is a middle-ground between posting at least once a day and never posting ever again. I think of my blog as an occasional fling rather than a committed relationship. Maybe after a bit of time off you may have a different attitude towards yours.

Clearly, no single blog will change the world. Our headblurts need to be part of an aggregate. I contribute to the Lib Dem community. Changing the world requires collaboration between like-minded folk. You certainly won't change the world by stopping.

TwentyFirstCenturyReptile said...

The only blog worth reading. Will miss you.

Anonymous said...

How bloody sad is that? Got my first computer last year, didn't know what a blog was (well, hadn't read one, for obvious reasons). Met some great people (bloggers) whose formative years were the similar to mine, back when BBC was unaligned and the Post Office ran the telephone service.

I don't know your personal circumstances CF but all the best, you slag.



Leg-iron said...

Yeah. What they said.

Sometimes you just need to take time off. Especially when it's unpaid and starting to feel like work.

Hairy Ricky said...

What the fuck am I going to read now slacker? As per all the other posts, you're a shining diamond in the ocean of populist shite. First port of call before GF, OH and Dizzy etc.

Have a couple of weeks off, have a few beers, some sex, and come back refreshed with renewed rage at the increasing mess we find ourselves in. You'll be sorely missed.

All the best.

Mrs Rigby said...


Darn it.

Don't stay away for too long.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to se you go, and I hope that at some point you'll reconsider and return. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

"you're not going to change the world - or indeed anything"

I, respectfully, disagree. Sure, it's not like you're gonna re-invent the wheel.

However, you and your fellow Desperados are chipping away at the monolith, pulling wires out of the engine managment system of the juggernaut that is the demented beaurocracy of this country. It seems pointless, but each and every wire pulled gets closer to the one that kills it dead.

Take a break, reduce the post count, but please don't stop providing that slight, but unpredictable, uncontrolable chill on the back of the neck of the faceless system of control....

Ray said...

Well I will miss you posts, one of the better blogs of the ones I read. Take care, and maybe you will post the occasional thing if the fury strikes!

Disenfranchised of Buckingham said...

I only came across your blog and others such as OH, Anna Raccoon etc during the election.

It was a breath of fresh air to find people with rational views.

speedfreakerr said...

*wailin' like the selfish baby that I am*

Understand the need for thoughtspace, hope you have a fabulous break.
Have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog:) -especially when getting my bustin' of EdBalls (grrr, how I hate that nobrainer of a man) fix-
Look forward to your return... (agree with comments above that sporadic posting works)

... will be a sad-arse and read through the archives, in the meantime, methinks.

Davieboy said...

You will be very much missed. Your posts were always highly entertaining as well as mostly coinciding with my view on things. One of my fave blogs, no doubt. Won't delete you from Bloglines just yet. Whatever happens, thanks for all the great posts you've made.

Best of luck in the future!

subrosa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
subrosa said...

Sorry made a mess of the last post. Second attempt.

I know your problem and it's nothing to do with organising posts for when you're in far off lands sunning yourself. You've had the Hertz experience! That's enough for anyone to make weird decisions.

Try a decent car rental company, have the holiday, return refreshed and make the most of your days of relaxation, because your ire is sure to surface and where better to display it but here.

Until then x.

fourmenterian said...

Very sorry to hear that CF. I've enjoyed reading your postings immensely and the CF blog has been one of only a few blogs I've stuck with after initial blognovelty wore off. I wish you the best and hope you may return to venting your spleen at some point in the future.

DangerDave said...

Not great news but understandable.

Hopefully you need a break and you'll come back furious as ever.

If not, thank you.

Katabasis said...

Going to miss you CF. You're one of the bloggers who, when first encountering your site, seeing your name and your logo, I felt immediate kinship.

I hope you reconsider and come back. And the tail doesn't have to wag the dog!

Anonymous said...

CF... I am one of the silent people who read your blog regularly. It is quality stuff and from a much needed view-point.

Have some T-out and don't feel you 'need' to write so much... I for one would be glad to dip on in if only 1 blog per week was churned out and it was something that you felt you wanted to write about, not that you had to.....

Enjoy the break :-)

David C said...

CF - I'm not sure how you're going to get rid of all that fury without the blog.
I'll miss you, I hope you will still post occasionally in future.

Anonymous said...

sorry to see you go.... enjoyed the blog but understand it has become a slog:) or not... CF au revoir it has been fun...

Dr Evil said...

Sorry to hear that CF. I always enjoyed your blog. All the best.

Dioclese said...

I know what you mean. I've not been at this lark long and have nothing like your following, but you and GOT are my favourite reads.

I'm off on holiday next week and have been putting a few short sharp posts together so I understand what you are saying. Life comes before blogging after all - I should know with the number of holidays I take!

Have you thought about doing a weekly or even occasional post rather than daily? After all, it's quality that counts not quantity.

I'll miss you.

Caratacus said...

Dear Sir CF,

If I may be permitted the following observation:


Yours is the first blog I go to once I've heaved a bit of coal into the computer's boiler.

Understand fully, Old Horse.

To all of the dedicated followers above: Be of good cheer - those silly fuckwits at HMG will shortly be behaving so appallingly CF will re-enter the fray. He just won't be able to stop himself.

Good luck CF. Have you tried Macallan's 20 year old? Does it for me.

TheBoilingFrog said...

Your last post, my first comment on here. Sorry to hear this CF. Totally understand, all bloggers surely feel like this at one time or another - I certainly have many times.

Hopefully after a break you'll decide to return, if not best wishes.

Snowolf said...


stabledoor said...

Never commented before but I read most days and I hope this is just a break - you always make me laugh and the world will be that little bit worse off without your unique take on events

John Demetriou said...

Aaaaah. And that was the end to this hulking, sulking king of the Country Club.

Just think, CF, all that effort and schmoozing and bullshitting for nought. You can't throw the towel in now can you? Wouldn't that be a bit shit and gutless?

Ah, on second thoughts. Maybe that would be your style.

Good luck elsewhere. Sure you're a fab bloke when you're not 'blogging'.

opsimath said...

Too many of the good blogs are closing now, just when we need them most. It is sad to hear that yours is one of them, CF.

I hope you will reconsider, as Jess the Dog did, and keep up the good work - there are many of us who haven't the ability to put together a decent and well-informed blog and I realise how much time it must take, but you know what they say about virtue and reward - why not take a break while the summer lasts (little joke there) and come back to us refreshed and ready to be Furious again.

Whatever you decide to do, thanks for what you HAVE done, and all good wishes for whatever you might do in the future.

zadokwho said...

Just as I was getting addicted too.

Never mind, you'll be back.....

Anonymous said...

All the best CF, I'm sure we will still get the benfit of your little gems now and then. In the meantime pour youself a long cool one : )

Jockdownsouth said...

Sad news. Like so many of the others above, I feel you voice my own feelings, but much more eloquently than I could manage.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that you will no longer be swearing vicariously for folks like me frustrated at the stupidity of modern life ? For fucks sake I will have to do it myself then : )

Anonymous said...

You never know maybe the break will do wonders for your blood pressure and you will return as Constantly serene !

AndrewSouthLondon said...

The reason we above are all here is because we have no voice in the mainstream media.

Imagine a life in which the only voice you hear is the smug condescending liberal drivel of Jonathon Dimbleby or John Humphreys, 24 hours a day. FFS its too awful to contemplate.

No matter if CF is gone, hundreds of thousands now say "STFU!" out loud within seconds of BBC Pravda News At Ten firing up.

Were all mad, mad as hell, and we aint going to take any more. We are all Constantly Furious now. Its that "I'm Spartacus" moment.
I'm Constantly Furious.

You can't put the genie back in the bottle. We are all Constantly Furious now.

James Quigley said...

Was a pleasure to read your blog every day. Hope you come back one day, but if not thanks for the laughs

Joe Public said...

There's no need to give up just yet; your extravagant expenses fiddles haven't been rumbled, your sexuality hasn't been publicised.

As may commenters suggest - have a break, have a think, & I bet our political 'masters' will do something that re-kindles your Furiosity.

selsey.steve said...

Oh! Shit!
The best blog on the web and it's become moribund.
Not dead, just sleeping.
Until CF is restored, I hope.
One REAL rant a week would keep the multitude of your fans content and pleased; pleased that someone, somewhere was prepared to publish how they all feel.
Please, CF, come back if only for the odd rant or two.
I've never commented, I didn't have to; you said it all.

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with maybe doing an update once every few days. Ease the pressure?

I just enjoy reading the rage so eloquently written.

Believe it or not you speak for an awful lot of people.

You will be missed.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

You're on my must reads in the morning - please carry on blogging - you are a top blogger.

john gibson said...

hope you will return one day.
all the best.
John Gibson

Barking Spider said...

I'm very sorry to hear that, CF, I sincerely hope you'll feel different after you've had a break and a bit of a recharge.

Corrugated Soundbite said...

Hope you'e back soon, CF. Even if it's only semi-frequently. You put forth a rational right wing voice, so hopefully you'll bellow when something specific catches your eye ;-)

Jack of Kent said...

Very sorry to read this.

Thanks for your help and support on the Paul Clarke case.

Best wishes

Jack of Kent

dazmando said...

I love this blog your rude vile and damn well say what u think yeah I'm going miss u CT

Anonymous said...

CF is one of the better blogs, re-prioritise, wife, kids, etc. and blog about what makes you furious, because that’s when you are at your best.
(Given the change in government, hopefully you will be furious less often)
Have fun, Chris

none said...

I had the very same feeling only seconds after I started my own drunken blog.

I just couldn't be arsed.

I reckon almost all the blogs have existed as a result of New Labour... and now their gone, it's like the moments just after you've shot your wad.

The nightmare's over, and now that Labour's gone, there's not really so much to scream about.

I always felt blogging was a load of bollocks.
The only few worth reading are by highly expert specialists; otherwise it's just an outlet that's less zealously policed by the media scum.

...I bet if the Labour zombie starts rising again, you won't be able to stop yourself!

Ruth said...

So sorry to hear that CF. I'm not a great commenter here but I visit quite a lot (I've been on holiday, therefore no recent visits)& always enjoy your blog. Maybe you'll blog again when you feel you want to say something? Certainly hope you return, but in the meantime, take care & have fun.

ToryHome said...

FFS! My last blog post was err....27 March because I haven't felt like blogging - doesn't mean I won't though.

CF, fucking blog when you feel like, not when you think you should!

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