Dumb and dumber ..

CF has been growing slowly more and more enraged, as the days tick down toward the Genraleckshun, and the politicians grow e'er more desperate. Not desperate to put over their great ideas, oh no. Desperate to blame everyone else for everything since the Great Fire of London.

And don't the press just fucking love it? Running between the quarrelling factions like an overexcited, dimwitted Spaniel, yapping and pissing in equal measure. And this week, the juicy bone is tax avoidance. Not evasion, because that's already illegal. No: avoidance, which is not illegal, but which a lot of people would like you to believe is.

So, today's tendentious drivel comes to you courtesy of the Sunday Times. No link provided, because CF is fucked if he's going to pay money to observe the drivellings of the Murdoch Press - or indeed any press. Suffice to say, this is legit, as it was all over Twitter: so it must be true, eh?

This week's question was ...

"Is it acceptable to legally avoid tax?"

To which 57% of the public apparently answered 'No'.

'No'? What?

Dear God, public, what? Did you understand the fucking question? Did you read all of the words? If so, what the living fuck are you on, for Christ's sake?

Can you not see that the only possible answer to this question is 'Fuck off, you idiot from the Sunday Times, this is a pointless and unanswerable question. Stop wasting my time and yours'  ?

CF fucking despairs. Time to restart the blog, and right a few of the ever-so-ever-so many wrongs currently crowding the horizon ...


Richard Jones said...

On the money as always, be great to have you back. So much bollocks being spoken at the moment, needs viciously taking apart.

JuliaM said...

"Dear God, public, what? Did you understand the fucking question?"

Educated under Labour, the answer's 'No' without a doubt!

Dominique Strauss Khunt said...

I hope none of those dumb cunts who voted against legal tax avoidance have so much as an ISA account. Pricks.

Anna Raccoon said...

Ahh, that's made the morning brighter - CFs woken up again!

Morning Your Worship!

Unknown said...

Yes...ever since "The Thick of It" finished there has not been enough creative profanity in my life.
Welcome the fuck back!

Ed P said...

Welcome back!
't interweb desperately needs your incisive comments.