Jingle Jangle

Horror! Drama! Extreme emotion! This just in: Amazon have withdrawn from sale a 'bad taste' halloween costume that made the wearer look quite a lot like Britain's-best-known-baby-botherer Sir James 'Jimmy' Saville. Bad taste indeed..

Apparently, according to a representative of one of the seemingly fucking endless succession of 'never-rattled-a-tin-because-the government-gives-us-stacks' charities that comment on such matters has announced that

"Nobody wants to remember Savile’s horrible face, particularly his many victims"

Really? Really? Wow. Who knew?

Amazon won't give a tiny rat's arse about this; they've got a free mention for "doing the right thing", and they've probably reduced their overall product range by, what, mmmm, 0.001%? For fucks' sake.

The real winners in all of this are - as so often - the thick, idle journo's: this is an absolute fucking godsend on a quiet Monday, ain't it?

In fact, you know what? CF is willing to bet that for every 'saddened' Jingle-Jangle-Jimmy victim who has been upset by this stupid costume, there are at least ten lazy provincial hacks who have been absolutely delighted to have an easy story gifted to them, without having to get off their spotty arses...


JuliaM said...

And the insanity continues....


Anonymous said...

But he's STILL dead! It isn't as though he's making a comeback is it? TTFN :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back CF, fully enjoy your apoplectic style of writing!

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