What year is it?

What the actual fuck?
CF doesn't watch a lot of television - life's far too short. But on this particular evening, CF found himself lounging in front of the box.

Suddenly, in the midst of some grotesque American crap, an advert came on. For Kinder eggs. You know, a small piece of greasy chocolate surrounding a collection of random choke-a-child plastic pieces?

But now there's more; now there are two types of eggs to chose from. According to Kinder (with CF's italics) :

"The different coloured eggs will allow parents to choose an egg with the most relevant toy inside for their child. The first limited edition eggs will contain Fashion Dolls in pink eggs for creative play and Sprinty Cars in blue eggs, to fuel the imagination"

Now, as (formerly) regular readers know, CF ain't no whinging social engineer, but hey, really?

Pink for girls? Blue for boys? "Fashion Dolls" for girls, "Sprinty cars" for boys?

What the actual fuck? What year is it?