We were warned, weren't we, that there would be huge devaluation in the event of #Brexit?

And boy, were 'they' right. There has been a devaluation. A ma-hoo-sive devaluation .. of the English language. Great swathes of words that used to mean something, suddenly worth less; devalued, cheapened by the weeping Remainers.

"I'm terrified.." ..  Really? Nah. People cowering in basements while their town is being bombed are 'terrified'. Those poor fuckers in the toilets at the Bataclan were 'terrified'.  You? You're just 'worried'. Alright, possibly 'very worried'. But terrified? Get real.

"I'm devastated.." ..  Don't think so. Someone who's just had a late-stage cancer diagnosis is 'devastated'. Jo Cox's poor husband is - presumably - devastated. You? You're just pissed off.

".. the worst day of my life.."  Oh, for fucks sake. Really? Really? The worst day? If that really is the case, then you've had a pretty fucking great life so far. There are hundreds, thousands, millions of people who'd be fucking delighted to have the Western, civilised, Starbucks, Grauniad-informed, "worst" day you've just suffered.