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Noooooooo!! George was right! Arrrrghhhhh!! We should have listened to him!

"The FTSE 100 is being routed AGAIN" shrieks the Gruaniad.

Yes, apparently ..

"Shares are hitting fresh lows after another wild morning in the markets.
The FTSE 100 index of major blue-chip companies is now down 100 points, a loss of 1.6%. That follows a 199-point tumble on Friday."

Well, yeah, that's true. And probably a fair reflection of the uncertainty generated by all of the political fuckwittery occupying the airwaves day 'n' night.

But hang on just a moment. When CF last looked (which was about 15 minutes ago) the FTSE 100 stood at 6,018 - so yeah, well down from the 6,338 it closed at on the 23rd, that Golden Era when we all believed we'd be happy Europeans for ever, and when you didn't need a passport to ride on the bus*

You know what? If it falls much further, the index might be as low, as desolate, as routed as it was two weeks ago. That's right. On the Tuesday two weeks ago, the FTSE 1000 stood at a mighty, pre-Brexit 5,923.  

Oh, to return to those heady days of endless optimism, eh? Before the racists stole our futures?

For fucks sake ...

* (hat-tip to The Daily Mash for that)


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