Think of the Children ..

Much, much anguish from the yoot following the referendum. 

Those wicked old people, with all their experience of the EU, and all of their wisdom, somehow conspired to vote the nation out of Europe, even though thats not what we, the yoot, really wanted.

And shouldn't the yoot always get what they want? 

But wait, hang on, look at the papers, what's this?

Ah. "..result would have been different.."? Oh. It seems that, perhaps, if you'd actually bothered to trot along to the village hall, pick up a old-school style 'pencil' and express your views at the ballot box, guys, rather than thumbing it into WhatsApp, things might have been a little bit different. 

So actually, little ones, we didn't 'steal' your future, did we? No. You got pissed, left it on the night bus and slept through your alarm.