Gimme a break

All this fury wears a man down. A vacation is indicated, to calm the frayed nerves.

Thanks to a surfeit of Guinness at the Boat Show in January, and the delusion of continued employment CF had at that time, a boat has long been booked and made ready, and must now be sailed around the Eastern Med' in a calming manner.

There will doubtless be much to be furious about, as the holiday plans involve the M25, Gatwick Airport, four teenage girls (no Mr. Glitter, not like that) and a vast number of insouciant locals, bent on emptying the wallets of sunburnt tourists.

There will however, be little opportunity to blog. And little access to news and current affairs. This latter is not a huge burden, as CF feels that if he is unable to hear what Messr. Brown, Mandelson and Balls are doing to this once-great nation for a few days, he will be spiritually richer.

If the Blogger 'scheduled' posts facility works as advertised, some random snippets may appear from time to time, but they will not be topical (and in most cases, they will not be funny either, but there you go).

Meanwhile, its up to you to rise up, take to streets, bring down the tyrannical government and set this nation free again. And perhaps water the tomatoes by the back door if you have a minute.

CF looks forward to returning to a radically different country, or even the same one he left behind, in two weeks' time.

Ciao a tutti.


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A Concerned Student said...

Have a nice time!

Don't calm down too much, we'll need your vitriol for some time yet.

subrosa said...

A life on the ocean waves beckons. Good for you and make the most of the rest and recuperation. Remember to come back though. :)

Anonymous said...

OK, envy, envy ... have a great time (grudge, grudge).

JuliaM said...

Have a great one!

Anonymous said...

Nice pic of the wine-dark sea

Thatsnews said...

Have a good break!