Liars and hypocrites

Let's have a look at Peter Mandelson's statement this morning, regarding George Osborne, shall we?

The actual "yes-he-did, no-he-didn't" heart of the disagreement will never be resolved, as it's the words of one bunch of charlatans versus those of another, so we can set aside the pursuit of the actual facts: we'll never get to hear them.

More interesting, then, to take a look at the tone, and the overall aim (the 'narrative', if you will) of Mandelson's statement.

On reading it, one thing becomes crystal clear: you're on pretty fucking thin ice here, Mandelson. Let's pick out a couple of your carefully engineered sound-bites, shall we, Mandy?

“There is a very unattractive pattern of behaviour"

Fuck me. He's at it already. Your whole modus operandi and your entire political career, Manders, can be summed up as "very unattractive pattern of behaviour".

Everything you do, and the way you do it, is deeply unpleasant. No historian, not even a historian formerly employed by the Labour Party - or even the BBC - is ever going to pen the words "While he may not have acheived much with his time in power, Peter Mandelson was at least an attractive politician". You probably choose what socks to put on each morning in an unpleasant, self-aggrandising and yet completely deniable way.

The statement goes on ..

"..innuendo in pursuit of a smear."

Oh ho. File that one under 'pretty fucking rich', won't you? Innuendo? Smear? That's exactly what you and your party (and these days, it really is your party) have been doing non-fucking-stop for the last 12 years; not just against the evil Tories but against each other, against any opposition to Gordon, even against fellow Cabinet MP's who've dared to have an opinion.

You, Mandiee, even used exactly that approach on George Osborne himself, when he had the temerity to hint that it may have appeared that you might have been in a secret meeting with a dodgy billionaire, a billionaire whose business you were in a perfect position to help.

No sooner had the words tripped out of his foolish mouth than he, and the Tories, were buried in an avalanche of innuendo and smear, by you, you slimy bastard. You are, it has to said, fucking good - Premier League - at the stuff you're now decrying.

"I suggest George Osborne withdraws this deliberate untruth to avoid embarrassing his leader at Prime Minister’s Questions today”

Dear God. The patronising, leering, smearing tone of this line alone would make a nun want to kick your fucking teeth in, Mandalay.

Why the fuck don't you get Gordon Brown to withdraw the hundreds of 'deliberate untruths' that we've heard pouring from his fucking odious mouth over the last few months?

Or get Ed 'Blinky' Ball's to withdraw the 'deliberate untruths', no, the utter fucking lies he trotted out yesterday?

That way, they "might avoid embarrassing" their leader - you.

Anyway, probably best for you to steer clear of even mentioning PMQ's, Mandibum. As you well know, the person who is regularly, repeatedly, inevitably embarrassed there is our unelected PM, as he pathetically bellows a mixture of made-up tractor statistics and anti-Tory lies.

And you can't help him, can you, Mandela? Because you're not there. You can't attend PMQs. Because you're not an elected MP, are you? In spite of being the most powerful man in the land, no-one ever ticked a box to say they wanted to hear your opinions; not in the Commons, not on the Today program, and not through your other tame, lickspittle media worshippers.

Just fuck off, you sanctimonious hypocrite.

Hat-tip to Paul Waugh, who seemed to be first to get Mandy's weasel words online

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Anonymous said...

Ahh, warms the cockles of my heart to read your outpourings. I can practically hear the soft, damp explosion :)

Glennys Kinnocks Glory Hole said...

Oh the delicous irony of Lord Mortgage-Fraud calling someone else a liar