Hooray, hooray, its a summer holiday

All those poor, overworked MP's go off on their holidays today. No more work for them, hurrah!

And not just for a trifling week or two - no, these bastards get to spend their ill-gotten expenses claims on fine wines and delicious food all around the world for over 80 fucking days: near as dammit three fucking months.

So as to enable them to really relax nicely, lets have a quick review of their recent performance. After all, there's nothing like the quiet glow of satisfaction that comes from achievement, eh?

A brief glance around the internet .. in fact, fuck it .. lets be lazy. A very quick look at just one source - Politics' Home - yields the following:

"MINISTER: FORCES LACK AIRCRAFT : Outgoing Foreign Office minister Lord Malloch Brown has said that Britain "definitely" does not have enough helicopters for operations in Afghanistan"

"ANTI KNIFE CRIME STRATEGY FAILS: The high-profile government campaign to tackle knife crime in big English cities has failed to cut the number of fatal stabbings, according to Home Office figures published today "

"WARNING OVER SLOW ECONOMIC RECOVERY: The National Institute of Economic and Social Research, has warned that recovery will occur much slower than the government predicts, forcing tougher fiscal decisions to be taken. "

"POLICE RACE RELATIONS WORSE: A Home Affairs Committee report has said in the 10 years since the Macpherson Report, aspects of police race relations, such as stop and search, had got worse"

"Darling confirms VAT will go up in January"

"Exam chief warns 'barmy' Balls on A-levels "

"Police powers for Olympics alarm critics"

And that's just yesterday's stories. Never mind the whole of Brown's tenure, much less the entire Labour government - we're just looking at this weeks' bad news.

What an enormous pile of shit; in short, a litany of fuck-up's, failures and malicious interference. What a godawful mess. If a child came home from school with a report this bad, you wouldn't take them on fucking holiday, you'd send pack 'em off to summer school, or just thrash them senseless.

So, enjoy your holidays, MP's! Actually, no, don't enjoy them. You don't fucking deserve them. Spend the whole time watching the pouring rain through steamed up windows, wondering glumly how the hell you came to fuck things up so badly.

You idle, self-regarding, incompetent fuckwits.

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Don't Call Me Dave said...

CF is back! But I think you can make a compelling argument for giving MPs even longer holidays. The less time they are in Parliament, the less time they have to fuck up the country by passing more stupid laws and imposing mind boggling regulations on the productive part of the economy.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Had to laugh at Tom Harris screaming 'it's not a holiday, it's a recess!'

The wingnut.