There's no end to it

Just read Tory MP Greg Hands' account on Conservative Home of a visit to a school in his constituency by the dishonest duo, Gordon Brown and Ed 'Blinky' Balls, earlier this week.

Even allowing for the fact that - as a Tory MP - Hands is doubtless exaggerating and spinning the tale, it makes astonishing reading. He points out that:

"With my constituency being the closest marginal to Westminster, we are used to a few ministerial and shadow ministerial visits over the last ten years"

No doubt - its probably hard to move for gurning opportunists on the average Monday morning.

It is a documented Commons 'Convention and Courtesy' that MP's - of any party - are notified prior to a visit by Cabinet Ministers to what is, after all, their constituency.

Seems reasonable, eh? They were elected to the position, chosen by the people for the role; know what that means Brown? No? How about you, Mandelson?

Guess what? The convention was arrogantly ignored for political advantage. Who'd have thought? According to Hands:

"neither Brown nor Balls notified me of their visit. I found out from the Local Education Authority"

Sneaky fuckers. But wait, it was worse than that:

"When I arrived at the school 10 minutes early, waiting for me was a Ms Izzet from Ed Balls's office, who loudly announced, in front of an ITN camera crew, that I was "not invited"."

For fuck's sake. Does the arrogant bullying and deceit of this corrupt party never end? This is, after all..

".. a civil servant attempting to ban a Member of Parliament from a public facility in his own constituency.

In case there was any doubt as to Ms Izzet's party affiliation, and therefore her preferred modus operandi, she then gave a quick demonstration of traditional New Labour values:

"Realising that I wasn't moving, and in front of dozens of children eagerly awaiting the visit, Ms Izzet then tried to entice me to an office for "some refreshments". She was trying anything to get me out of the way.."

"Ms Izzet told me that I hadn't even myself visited the school, which was a lie"

A bit of 'stage management'? A blatant fucking lie? A quick smear? Oh, she's a Labour gal all right. As well as a neutral civil servant. Anyway, what the fuck has Hands' previous visits to a school in his own constituency got to do with you, you evil fucking harpy?

But this was her masters' special occasion, and she was buggered if she was going to have some nasty Tories wrecking it for them.

"Stephen Greenhalgh, Leader of the Council arrived, and Ms Izzet was remarkably and improbably even more confrontational towards him, even though the School was Council property and the Council is the Local Education Authority."

Dear god. Bear in mind, we pay this fucking woman, and she's supposed to be political neutral. What the flying fuck is she doing trying to chase away anyone who might criticise the dear leader? What is this, China?

Fortunately, both Hands and Greenhalgh eventually gained access to the school, and were then treated to what Hands described as "an hour of pure pantomime". Apparently, the woefully socially inept Brown blundered around making a complete arse of himself.

"Brown made a number of faux pas. His worst was to meet the same Italian teacher twice in 15 minutes and attempt to have the same conversation with her, forgetting he had already met her. Each time he told her he was looking forward to going to Italy next week"

Par for the course there, Gordon. No wonder your minders didn't want anyone around who might go 'off message' and actually report your ineptitude to the world.

Hands concludes:

"The school did a fantastic job under some pressure from the officials, but the overriding memory of this Prime Ministerial visit to my constituency is that Brown and Balls surround themselves with officials who might be even more hectoring and bullying than their masters."

But there's something Hands didn't know at the time. An extra facet to this sorry tale of bias and dishonesty.

So, the hilarious final twist? The ultimate turd in the punchbowl? It's this: the bullying bitch who put aside her political neutrality to ride roughshod over all convention, purely to protect her beloved Labour Party; the egregious 'Ms Izzet' who is fucking paid for by us, the taxpayers, is also .. wait for it .. a former girlfriend of Damien McBride. Clearly, he taught her well.

There really is no escape from the corruption, sleaze and deceit, is there?


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Mark Reckons said...

If that's an accurate description then it is pretty shocking. I can recall similar levels of arrogance being displayed by members of the last Tory administration in its death throes too.

I think it is something about having been in power for so long that they become completely out of touch and think they can do just about anything and some civil servants (many of whom will never have served any other political masters) lose touch with what is and isn't party political.

Good post CF.

JuliaM said...

"What is this, China?"

Sadly, no. We don't have their money. We just have their political corruption...

Surely she's broken Civil Service guidelines? He should report her.

Anonymous said...

He did, via a point of order after PMQs yesterday..mentioned her full name in the house.

Invicta said...

She's got form: