Yup, it's real..

Got a a few spare moments? Got internet access? Want to be simultaneously amused and appalled at the gullibility of some people?

Get your browser over to the website of the Creation Museum, apparently "about a 30-minute drive from downtown Cincinnati, USA"

The museum has been constructed, at vast cost, because..

"Biblical history is the key to understanding dinosaurs"

So, those who are a bit sketchy on their biblical history can..

"Explore many of these amazing creatures along with fossilized dinosaur eggs, a triceratops skeleton casting, and much more!"

Once that's straight in your mind, you can continue to..

"Enjoy the wonders of God’s Creation as you uncover what natural selection can and cannot do. In this special exhibit, examine an aquarium that resembles a real cave. This cave aquarium features live blind cavefish, showing how natural selection allows organisms to possess characteristics most favorable for a given environment—but it is not an example of evolution in the molecules-to-man sense."

As if that wasn't enough,

"You’ll also uncover the truth about antibiotic resistant bacteria"

What, they pray too? And then, in the spirit of rigorous historical exposition:

"See the scaffolding, smell the freshly-cut timbers in the busy work site of Noah’s Ark. Delve into the belly of the Ark and imagine the stalls full of animals, in close quarters. Listen to the sounds of thunderous, driving rains and the pounding of water against the sides of the great Ark."

Presumably put together from old photographs of the event.

There's more, much more, over at the website. Dear god. Literally.

Mmmmmmmm, stupidity...


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Chris said...

"In the red corner: the painstakingly accumulated and rigorously peer-reviewed corpus of human scientific knowledge! And in the blue corner: the primitive superstitions of a bunch of levantine hill farmers!"

JuliaM said...

"Delve into the belly of the Ark and imagine the stalls full of animals, in close quarters."

Couldn't they just go visit Congress while in session? Pretty much the same experience, I'd have thought.

Barking Spider said...

The problem I see with this theory is the gap between the extinction of the dinosaurs and the beginning of Biblical history - about 65,000,000 FUCKING YEARS!

Dave said...

All this would be a charming and intriguing eccentricity if it wasn't for the fact that these people want to control how folk live their lives and they also have considerable influence in parts of the States. Nuclear Armageddon would be a realisation of a prophecy.

Anonymous said...

It also explains why we must have a presence in the middle east as its a fulfilment of prophesy, apparently.