Vote early, vote often.

As CF struggles to crank up to 'normal' levels of rage and blog output, a whisper reaches him of an exciting new competition. Yes, it's the Total Politics' Blog Poll of 2009. Ta-daaaa! See the shiny logo, over there to the right. Click, go on, click it.

Being new to this game (month 3, folks), CF has no idea how important this is, and there's no indication as to what a high position in the polls will bring, but CF assumes that prizes will include cars, cash, fine wines and possibly ex-military helicopters, so that's got to be worth a try.

Equally, CF has no idea what to do to persuade you, the faintly appalled and slightly incredulous audience, to vote for him rather than the many other blogs out there (see the blog roll to the right for some deserving candidates - you have to vote for nine others, after all).

Is it a bribe you want? How much is the normal amount? Is Paypal alright for you? Could you do a receipt?

Or would it be better to make some threats? "Vote for Constantly Furious or .. or ..." ..a kitten will be kicked? ..Gordon Brown will remain in office for a hundred glorious years? ..Peter Mandelson will crawl under your bed after dark?

Who knows?

Anyway, vote for CF. You know it makes sense. Probably.



Anonymous said...

CF - I think 1st prize is your real name and picture being put up in the Times Newspaper but I might be wrong.

Anonymous said...

This is beginning to pop up all over the place. Pretty irritating, really. I read people's blogs for their thoughts, not for their self-serving pleadings.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

I find writing my blog much cheaper than therapy and if other people enjoy reading it then that is an added bonus, but real bloggers neither seek nor require external validation!

Surely, a “blog of the year” contest undermines the anarchic nature of blogging which is what makes it so popular with the public, and despised by the establishment?