The return of Constantly Furious

Constantly Furious is back. Two relaxing weeks bobbing about on the Ionian - with no newspapers, no television, no email and no interwebs - have lowered the blood pressure considerably.

However, CF is dismayed to learn on his return that we are still suffering under the same bunch of egotistical fuckwitted sociopaths who were ruining the country way back in June.

that chippy twat SrAlan has sold his soul to Gordon and Peter for a cloak of ermine.

the witless annual debate about how Oxbridge should only accept the offspring of the long-term unemployed, with no A-Level's, so as to be "fair", has begun.

And the promises of a "Barbecue Summer" were clearly the usual bollocks from the Met Office.

And Speaker Bercow, the media whore, is clearly turning out to be exactly as useless and pointless as everybody predicted.

And.. , and.. , and... there would appear to remain much to be furious about.

Thanks to all who visited and commented on the 'automatic' blogs during the break: the blogging equivalent of leaving the landing lights on and a radio switched on. But now its back to reality, and back to real time.

Now, to wade through the email, voicemail and junk mail backlogs. Then, to wade through the thousands of blogposts and news stories of the last two weeks. Then, no doubt, to rant furiously..



Norton Folgate said...

Welcome back

Anonymous said...

And just as you get back, troughligate's in recess. Glad you're back.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a lovely holiday. We did our best but the bastards won't budge. I'm off on hols at the end of August. When I come back, I want to see a nice squeaky clean Britain with ZanuLab consigned to the shitpile of history.