Are you listening?

Are you listening, Gordon? Are you listening, Lord Mandy? What about you, Blinky Balls? Is anybody in the Labour party listening?

Once again, the electorate have handed you a thumping defeat. They really, really dislike you and everything you do. There's no other way of telling you, so we keep doing this.

Please, for fucks' sake, listen: not to your own spinners, or to the supine press, but to us.

Get the message: get the fuck out.



Hipponess said...

No they aren't. That's why they've gone on their holidays.

Norton Folgate said...

They don't care about elections now, they know they will lose the general election.

They are focused on getting us locked into Europe, that is where their ambitions now lie.

Fausty said...

His Machiavelliness, Lord Fondlebum, doesn't give a flying fig if he or the Labour Party is not liked. He wants them to be feared.

Labour's only hope is in conning the Muppet class so that they can do as Norton says. Fondlebum is wedded to the EU.

Wat said...

NuLab are the worst kind of gatecrashers, they know they're unwelcome but don't give a shit: they're determined to do as much vandalism, and to drink, eat or steal as much as they can before they're forcibly removed. And if they don't give us an election (I'm not convinced we'll even get one in May), removal by force will be our only option.

banned said...

Yup, Labour are clearly on a wrecking spree, tying us down to ridiculous carbon schemes, into Europe and one last stab at ruining our schools and Universites.

70% of their former supporteers in Norwich failed to vote for them so they got the message and their answer is " Scortched Earth and poisoned chalice ".

killemallletgodsortemout said...

They don't listen - never have, never will. it's Layber, doancha know?

They'll be back from their "recess" on a wrecking spree, prior to being outed next June.

Cunts, all.