Let me hold your coat

Apparently, the desperately unfunny Sacha Baron Cohen, who seems to have made an entire fucking career out of turning piss weak catch-phrases into 2 hour movies, is in trouble.

The al-Aqsa Matryr's Brigade, featured in a mock interview in his latest woeful cringe-fest, is said to be more than a little pissed off at being poked fun at.

Unlike most of the egotistical twat's hapless victims, they might actually have the wherewithal to do something about it.

"..we reserve the right to respond in the way we find suitable against this man.."

And rest assured, 'Borat', that won't be dressing up, putting on a lot of make up and offering to shag your sister in a funny voice.

"Baron Cohen is said to be taking the threat seriously and has improved security around him.."

Well boo-hoo, you talentless piece of shit. Did it turn out that someone you mocked, in your sneering, supercilious Oxbridge way, was actually planning to hit back? Dearie me.

He'd better pray they don't coming looking in this area.

If some mad-eyed bearded men appear, asking for directions to the least amusing man in Britain, CF will be more than happy to help out.



Hipponess said...

I couldn't agree more. I've never thought he was funny. I despise people who take the piss out of other's yet can't take it when people do it to them.
I wouldn't just give them directions, I'd give them a lift to make sure they got there.

Rich said...

it didn't amuse you even slightly that he sat in front of a real terrorist and told him that 'your King Osama looks like a kind of dirty wizard or homeless Santa'? The rest of the film was a bit hit and miss but that took some balls.

Rich said...
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Constantly Furious said...

@Rich: nope. It doesn't take any balls at all.

His whole approach assumes people won't follow what he's doing, and he'll be safely back in his hotel before they realise the piss has been taken.

If anyone did cotton on, and challenge him, you wouldn't get to see the footage, because it wouldn't be "funny".

Gigits said...

I can't stand the fella, but I respect anybody who pokes fun at muzzie terrorists.

He must've known that it would end up with a fatwah (or whatever they fucking call it), regardless of editing.

RB said...

He's got more balls then you CF. You just sit at your pc spouting bollocks without any idea about making things better. At least he makes me laugh. You probably switch screens between your utter crap posts and your porn sites. You fuckwitt.

Barking Spider said...

SBC is about as funny as a knee in the groin. It beats me what all the fuss is over him - much ado about fuck all.

I see RB the troll finds him funny - I rest my case.

Catosays said...


Seems to me you'd laugh at a granny falling over and breaking her leg.

Also seems to me that as you're in the minority here, you should fuck off and go somewhere calm and soothing to your fevered brow....Fuckwit.

JoeShmo said...

Im sorry, you dont think it takes guts to sit in a room with someone who kills people and make fun of the guy?
Whatever you say tough guy. You and Hippo can go car pooling with suicide bombers all youd like

Dan said...

I think the guy is hilarious. A comedy legend. The scene in Bruno when he is interviewing the Islamic nutter is very very funny. I agree with Rich - it took balls to get that joke.

Anonymous said...

I only liked him as Ali G, but he doesn't have any other talent does he? Maybe he should just write a fucking book?

Anonymous said...

I see some yank threatend to rip Gordon fucking Ramsays throat out as well . This little bullying bastard would have his cunt kicked in in most workplaces if he spoke to people like he does. Lying little shit as well !

Anonymous said...

Whether some people find him funny or not is neither here not there. The fact that our normally sensible host condones Islamic Terrorism where it targets comedians he does not like is rather disappointing.