Evil Genius

Hate him or loathe him, you've gotta give the Dirty Digger some credit, eh?

At a stroke, he's turned the game around. Snatched yet another victory from the jaws of de thick.

He's taken the heat off himself and his pet politicians (yeah, of both colours).

He's decontaminated the brand. Yeah, there won't be a News of the World anymore, there'll just be an almost-identical red top, produced by News International, full of tits and made-up footballer shagging.

He's retained his trusted senior staff - there'll be a little extra something in Rebekah's pay packet this year when she's launched the Soaraway Sunday Sun, won't there?

He's got rid of ten tons of deadwood staff - he can now cherry pick the good 'uns and offer them jobs elsewhere: mostly likely on the new Soaraway Sunday Sun, eh? As for the rest? The B Team? Sorry, chum, nothing we can do: blame the politicians..

And best of all? He's made the sanctimonious, driveling twitter mob think THEY won. Power to the people! Fuckwits. When they've finished crowing, perhaps they'll shut the fuck up for a bit. That's the only good thing that could come out of this.

Other than that, it's Rupert and Rebekah, grinning all over their smug fucking faces, as they continue to pay scumbags to go through the bins.

Evil fucking genius...



Anonymous said...

Apparently the new paper will be called The (Voice)Mail on Sunday

Anonymous said...

I doubt very much that the much trumpeted "inquiry" will be broadened out to investigate whether or not other journos on other papers employed the same "hacking" tactics, otherwise I will have to believe that "hacking" is/was confined to a few journos on one newspaper.
First thoght on that - bollux,
second thpoughts on that - double bollux.
Also,I nearly fell off my seat when I heard an "expert" in these matters say that "under some circumstances" it is quite "legitimate to pay police officers" for stories obtained in the course of their official investigations into crimes on behalf of the public.
This has got to be bollux to the nth thought.
Tell me it aint so.

MadNumismatist said...

As you say, love him or hate him you got to envy his play book. I also picked up on Reuiters with a great evil genius quote. Apparently, there is now a chance that he can destroy the records of a defunct company. As above, “Say it aint so”

Per reuters:

Rupert Murdoch’s soon-to-be shuttered tabloid may not be obliged to retain documents that could be relevant to civil and criminal claims against the newspaper—even in cases that are already underway.

“If News of the World is to be liquidated, Stephens told Reuters, it “is a stroke of genius—perhaps evil genius.”