Sympathy. For the Devil

Oh dear God, you can not escape it. Every bloody paper, every sodding webpage.

Weeping faces, people hugging, crowds with heads bowed. Has there been another bombing? Has someone set up some webcams in the Horn of Africa?

No, no, this is far more serious than that. Didn't you know? A rich businessman has closed down a small division of his global enterprise, and a fraction of a percentage his employees are ... errr ... no longer his employees.

It's a disaster. A catastrophe! Oh my god, has anything this awful ever happened? Twitter is frantic. @fleetstreetfox is distraught.

Get real. 200 people - yes, that's all - may - yes, may - lose their jobs. But CF has been through this: CF has been made redundant by cash-rich companies, and, hey, guess what? It's not that painful.

So, even for the few poor sods - the runts of the litter - who aren't good enough to be cherry-picked to work for the new Sunday Tits, or whatever it's called, it ain't the end of the world.

They'll get a very generous settlement - 3 months pay for the 'consultation period', more pay for their notice period and, and, a months pay for each year 'worked', if you can call grubbing-through-our-bins and slipping-envelopes-to-dodgy-policemen 'working'. Tidy.

So you'll pardon CF, whining journo's, if he doesn't join you in your fucking orgy of self pity.

Promise us you'll buck up, eh?



The Filthy Engineer said...

The worst of it all is the barely hidden glee from our left wing Biased Broadcasting company.

I just hope that Murdoch actually does get to control BskyB. We need someone to hold the Beeb to account.

Angry Exile said...

I think the sympathy comes from the fact that at least one of the fuckers responsible still has their job, and the replacement paper - Sun on Sunday or whatever - is as likely to be staffed by more of the same. Otherwise it'd be bad luck but companies close sometimes, that's the way the cookie crumbles. Good headline here put it that the wrong red-top had gone.

Unknown said...

The BBC is loving this. Other papers joining in the kicking means make it even harder to look away from this car crash.

Horn of Africa drought, birth of a new nation, the end of an era of space travel all play long second fiddle to it.

One can only tut at the small focal capacity of humanity at times.

JuliaM said...

I do feel a great deal of sympathy for the chap who makes up the horoscopes or the lass who compiles the gardening section. I certainly don't feel they deserve to lose their jobs for the misdeeds of the others.

But then, I've never been fond of collective punishment.