Please, please, say it isn't true :

Oh dear God. CF has already written about the fucking preposterous amount of misplaced sympathy being lavished upon the hacks at the News of The Screws, who - for fucks sake - aren't exactly Ethiopian.

And now this:

Oh sweet Jesus, is that true?

Has the paper that tried for years to turn us into a nation of hysterical, gullible, over-emoting fuckwits actually suceeded, at the last minute?

For fucks sake.



Anonymous said...

Let's hope it's sarcasm!

Anonymous said...

Anon ~ I fear it may not be, never underestimate the power of unthinking mob sentiment especially when manipulated in a certain direction

JuliaM said...

Flowers, eh? Deadly nightshade?

Anonymous said...

Open a can't go wrong.

Anonymous said...

Just checked on the off-chance - and good to see you're back CF.

I see that moron Brown is spouting off today.

Doesn't bother to turn up for work, but now playing the 'look at me, I'm still relevant' card.

Just **** off you cycloptic imbecile.