Is it 2008 again?

Gordon Brown turns up, after having been completely fucking absent for weeks, at the climax of some enormous crisis.

Even though he's been intimately involved, for a long time, he denies all knowledge, and blames absolutely everyone other than himself.

He lists a number of claimed achievements, half of which are made up, the other half trivial and irrelevant.

He uses the opportunity, inappropriate though it is to do so, to launch a series of wildly exaggerated and deeply partisan attacks on the Conservatives.

To support his attacks and endless self-praise, he does not hesitate to tell a series of blatant, bare-faced lies.

He completely ignores the howls of outrage from all around him, and plods turgidly to the end of his entirely prepared speech.

He then stands up, and fucks off out of the House, without bothering to wait for any reply or counter argument.

Surely, we must have been transported back to 2008?

For fucks sake...



Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown fucked up the UK and I was hoping that he would reap all that he has sown. WTF is he doing, he was never elected PM and he never owned up for his screw ups. He never once did the honourable thing and lied about his achievements. No lectures from him! he should shut the fuck up.

Angry Exile said...

Plus ça change, eh? Mind you, good for blogging to have the cunt back.

Anonymous said...

He is one of the very few people who can create a visceral, physical sense of revulsion in me. Nancy Pelosi is another. How do these people gat anyone to vote for 'em?

Anonymous said...

Hearing this incompetent imbecile spouting his pitying self-serving lies actually makes me feel less hostile towards Murdoch.

Michael Fowke said...

Brown has no shame. How does he sleep at night?

Unknown said...

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