Beat me to it

CF just read the Daily Mail story that some poor, poor little piggies are so worried about their expenses claims (made completely accidentally, of course, and within the rules, of course) that they might be considering slitting their trotters.

In the midst of drafting some acerbic remarks, CF noticed this, from Steve Green at Daily Referendum:

If the Whips are putting MPs on "Suicide watch" and there are many rumours of Ministers being forced to resign when the receipts are published, then why are these people still in a job? It is more than obvious that the Whips and Gordon Brown know about their dodgy colleagues' activities. So why are they being allowed to take the taxpayers money?

Will No10 claim they knew nothing about their crooked and adulterous MPs? If they do, then I think we can say that they will be lying through their teeth. If Gordon Brown and his Whips know about dirty MPs then I want to know who they are NOW. I don't want them to receive a single penny more of my money. I do not want to wait until July for these despicable people to lose their jobs.

CF couldn't have put it better himself.