Labour MP in on-line honesty shock

Labour MP Tom Harris was quick to blog criticising Nick Clegg after yesterdays Gurkha vote had gone so badly wrong. He accused Clegg of being a "mug" for allowing Cameron to "muscle in" on the issue.

However, he was equally quick to regret this in the cold light of day, and published a simple apology:

"I accept that rather than try to score cheap political points out of Clegg’s and Cameron’s alliance, I should simply have either conceded that we screwed up on this one, or shut up altogether"

Bravo. Good man. CF likes to see an MP with a bit of integrity, regardless of his colours.



subrosa said...

Come on now Furious. He said he'd written it because he was 'in shock' but never explained why that was. Still no nearer his explanation as to why he voted the way he did.

Have you had a look at Labour Chanter? Seems that story is true after all. Oh dear, poor Ian Gray.