Jacqui Smith is a c*nt

In response to this most excellent post, by Old Holborn:

So what are you waiting for? 3,000 people a day visit us here. Start your own blogs, call Jacqui a cunt and that's 3000 more insults that Meltwater will have to report back to Jacqui.

Newspaper editors can be bought and won't publish letters calling Jacqui a cunt. The BBC won't allow you to call Jacqui a cunt on any TV show or phone in. You'll be arrested and DNA'ed if you write it on a wall or shout it outside Parliament. All of the mechanisms to protect Jacqui are in place.

Except YOUR voice. Here. On a blog. I dont care if you use our comments section to do it, or do it on your own blog. But do it. They are paying people to listen to what you are saying, so let's make sure they hear us loud and fucking clear.

60,000,000 of us
646 of them.

It costs not one penny to blog. Not one penny to leave a comment at Guidos, Dales, anywhere. And they ARE hearing your voice, even if they are not listening.
So, yes, Jacqui Smith is a cunt; and so say all of us...