The long game

Many in this world-that-we-call-Blog are moaning that Cameron wasted his chances in PMQ's today. Why didn't he mention the petition? Why didn't he finish Gordon off, now he's on the ropes? Why didn't he have another pop about expenses? Why doesn't he grow a pair?

But Constantly Furious doesn't agree.

To attack on "Westminster Village" issues, when the Swine Flu is all over the press, and everyone's concerned about the Gurkhas, would have made him look small-minded and partisan: just like you-know-who.

But by sticking to real concerns, that the public currently care about, made him look like a PM-in-waiting. And had the opposite effect on Brown, who - especially on the Gurkhas - looked confused, angry and isolated.

And then, as a little who-could-have-wished-for-better bonus, Brown gave the house his impersonation of a bewildered 90 year-old Alzheimer's patient, and wandered off just as he was due to give his statement on Afghanistan. Sky has the video here - you can hear the mocking laughter, and see the consternation on the Labour benches.

So, Dave, no need to flail about. Steady as she goes...



subrosa said...

Ah it works :) I wanted to say I'm with you on this, although David Cameron just doesn't do it for me. He's certainly far more effective as a speaker, but he doesn't come over as strong and we don't need more weaklings.

Mind you I won't be voting for him anyway but it is of interest to me who is in charge at Westminster - until we get independence of course!