This you should see...

Allan Wallace is standing as an Independent in the EU elections. His platform is described on his blog, so no need to repeat it in full here, but basically..

"As an Independent I am free to argue and campaign to return sovereign powers to the UK, to pursue trade deals that put the people of Britain first and to ensure every penny that goes into Europe brings real, material benefits to Britain."

To do this, he needs - duh - cash. So he's been looking into raising money, and ..

"What I discovered was donations to political parties of up to £500 can be deducted from the donator's tax bill"

but the rules have been biased to support 'parties' not individuals, so..

"..basically, the parties shut out the competition. Only a party can thieve from the exchequer. In a cosy little arrangement they've ensured that it's extremely difficult for any new party to raise money and virtually impossible for independents"

So he's put a donation button on his blog, and ..

"In fact, I'm so bloody angry about this I'm going to make it my mission if elected to make all donations to politicians subject to tax. How bloody dare they imagine they can blithely thieve from us all. And, unlike them, I'll make it clear where every penny of donations goes to so you can see what your money buys. I'll publish a clear list after the election on this blog"

CF reckons that's a good cause. Go and have a look, then donate if you agree.