Gordon is a moron

We all know why Gordon Brown went to France today, and it wasn't to pay his respects to the fallen.

No, as with everything our unelected PM does, it was for his own advantage. A nice, juicy photo-op with the man he loves.

A chance to take the witless public's mind off the utter catastrophe that is unfolding in poor old Blighty.

But, the curse of Jonah Brown is always there. He can't not fuck up everything he touches.

So, in spite of taking out the traditional onion and reading a speech doubtless written by someone else, he still manages to give himself away here:

Obama beach? What a huge Freudian slip, you tosser.

No wonder they're booing you.

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Anonymous said...

It could have been worse, he could have mentioned Obama's bitch

killemallletgodsortemout said...

The man's a fucking disgrace, and should commit suicide immediately, if not sooner.

cnewq5 said...

Gordon IS Obama's bitch!

The Higlander said...

And he was roundly boo'ed by the veterans.

Now there are men with REAL courage.

Anonymous said...

We can expect more of these boobs, as the stress of office takes its toll.
In todays society, we are allowed to put a suffering animal out of its misery, but humans have to linger on to the end. Gordo is playing the 'sympathy card' and some do feel sorry for him.
I think he should resign for
'health reasons'.

Tory Poppins said...

Clearly nursing a nob-on whilst making the speech! What a total cun*

Gigits said...

He's a twat ain't he!

Kalvis Jansons said...

Let us all have one big push to get rid of Mr Brown. Tell everyone you know about the following petition and sign it yourself:


We need this petition back in the MSM.

Zoompad said...

82 year old Norman Scarth was one of those veterans. He was jailed for 4 years for speaking out against this bas*ard government's Nazi tactics. Then, they tried to put Norman in a psychiatric hospital against his will, even though he is of sound mind. Norman is one of the sanest and bravest men I have ever met.

I would absolutly love to get Gordon Brown and Norman Scarth in an interview together. I would love to see what this really brave old trooper has got to say to this smirking gurning institutional child abuse sanctioning coward who is supposed to be our prime minister.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the man is a bit strange at times. Maybe he is on the edge and will be trollied away on a gurney by Men in White Coats to a funny farm.