That email

Be afraid, Gordon Brown.

The country's been against you for a long time, but you could completely fucking ignore us.

The opposition have been against you for ever, but you could refuse to answer their questions, and spin blatant fucking lies about their alternatives.

But now, even your own party, your previously mindlessly loyal backbenchers and cabinet colleagues are sick of you.

Like everybody else, they don't want Gordon Brown to be Prime Minister anymore.

Even now, tens of Labour MP's are sitting staring at this email, wondering if they should click the 'Send' button and consign you to oblivion.

Hope they do - it's long overdue.

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DIGNITAS ( Switzerland ) said...

BRING REICHSCHANCELLOR ( in-waiting) BALLS with you and we'll do both of you on a 'BOGOF'

Tory Poppins said...

Hear Hear! Great post. The old bastard needs to fuck off WITH his Balls! ;-)

Gigits said...

I think he'll resign on the 15th June 2009 - I made this prediction ages ago in a post on my blog (you have to read every single entry to find the right one :-) )

If I'm wrong - who gives a shit?

Catosays said...

As long as he fucks off right pronto then I don't give a toss.

The man does lunatics a disservice.

Anonymous said...

Love the post & love the comments - 'BOGOF' 'He does lunatics a disservice'. Hilarious but oh so very true.