Late and short

CF didn't blog today, because it was just too predictable and too, too easy.

Two astonishingly pro-Labour stories this weekend, both via the Guardian/Observer, both deserving to be universally attacked and both were, by all and sundry.

Hardly any need for CF to pitch in, really.

A brief summary, for those who couldn't be there:

Story #1) Gordon Brown: "you want to talk about me? OK .. the Tories will tax health at 10%"

Story #2) Gorbals Mick: "Ah was only removed because ah'm no posh"

With such utter, blatant shit like that being peddled by an (allegedly) serious paper like the Grauniad, there's little need for comment.

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claude said...

On this you find me in full agreement and you make a good point.

No need to be impolite.

Constantly Furious said...


No need, but CF can't help himself..

Tory Poppins said...

The same thing gave me Bloggers block last week . . . just couldnt be arsed!

Dave said...

The first thing any new government should do is remove the near monopoly that the grauniad seems to have for state funded job adverts. It's probably al thats keeping them going.