Surely it's all over for Gordon?

Gordon "prime mentalist","snot gobbler", "McDoom" Brown's top secret checklist for the destruction of this once great nation must be pretty well completed now

  • Economy fucked : tick
  • Loss of control; Cabinet Ministers walking out without even bothering to tell him : tick
  • Unemployment soaring : tick
  • Loss of control; Cabinet Ministers who've broken the law staying firmly in place : tick
  • MP's almost universally loathed and distrusted : tick
  • Loss of control: Cabinet Minister's who've openly dissed him remain in Cabinet : tick
  • Labour Lords suspended for the first time in centuries : tick

What a fucking brilliant CV to take to his next job; "So Mr Brown, tell us a bit more about your achievements in your last role"

But if course, it wasn't his fucking fault. No, no; some of it started in America, some of it was Maggie and the evil Tories' fault, and a lot of the rest was done by a big boy who then ran away.

And now we have to hear how he's appalled by what's gone on - how his Presbyterian conscience won't stand for it. Give us a fucking break, you idiot.

Cranmer puts it eloquently:

".. it is a curious Presbyterian conscience which tolerates a decade of ‘spin’ and deception, is content to squander trillions of pounds and reduce the nation to penury, but then decide to be pricked by the blasphemous idolatry and intolerable excesses of duck islands, moat cleaning and a bit of second-home flipping"

The condemnation is near-universal. No-one wants the bastard anymore. Over 50 Labour MP's have begged to be shunted into the House of Lords, so they can carry on in politics (and/or carry on troughing) away from the one-eyed son of the manse.

The ever-loyal Guardian recommends that its readers break with the habit of a life time and vote for one of the Lib-Dems, one of our better known minority parties. A minority party that leads Labour in some recent polls, for fuck's sake.

And yet, our unelected Prime Minister is clearly fucking deaf as well as nearly blind. He doesn't hear the criticism, he doesn't listen to the advice, and he keeps plodding on, head down, oblivious to the cabbages and excrement being rained down on him from all quarters.

Surely, surely, there's only one way this hideous soap opera can end.

Gordon is not going to go voluntarily, so he has got to be dragged away, in cuffs if necessary, and put somewhere nice and secure, where he can no longer hurt himself or others. Come along, it's for your own good, dearie.

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Just heard that Hazel has resigned from the cabinet - and I cheered.

90 mins to PMQs - I'll be front row and centre on the sofa at noon, popcorn all round.

Anonymous said...

Hoon on Daily Politics being ravaged by Brillo Pad