Oh, the RAGE

There's been no posting today until now; CF has been trying to work out what made him angriest, but there's just so much fucking competition.

Amongst the many things that have rendered CF almost speechless with fury today:

Hazel Blears' grovelling apology: you stupid tart. Who's got to you? Mandelson? If you knew he had the dirt on you, why the fuck did you crawl out on a limb? And if he doesn't have the dirt on you, and hasn't been threatening you, why the fuck have you cravenly capitulated? Any damage you wanted to do to Gordon - and god knows, we all want that - is totally undone by this pathetic reversal.

Guido Fawkes: has he been nobbled? Once upon a time there was an edgy, well informed political attack blog. Now there are two stories a day, one of which is pre-prepared and posted at 00:01, the other of which is a straight cut 'n' paste from Sky.
+++ Sun rises in East. Again +++
Then we get a patronising little lecture - apparently lifted straight from a preposterously over-moderated BBC website - on how all the sycophants and retards who flock there (and who generate his fucking income) should phrase their comments, and what they should and shouldn't say.
Biggest story of the week? How a veggie MP got a job where he had to talk to people that sell meat. Ho ho.
Then finally, to round off the week, we have to see "this is a photo of me, me, me, gurning outside an MP's house". What are you now: Dom bastard Joly? Sacha cunting Baron shitting Cohen?

Brown's lies: the fucker's given up even pretending now. He just lies. More articulate commentators (Fraser Nelson is just one) are doing a better job at breaking down and analysing the lies, but that cunt is just churning 'em out, and the public (and the fucking MSM) are just sucking 'em up.

Big Brother: what? I mean, fucking what? WHAT? Why aren't we turning a fucking flamethrower on these terminally thick, self-absorbed cunts?

Jesus Christ. CF often feels he could literally die of anger.

UPDATE: CF is big enough to admit that Guido Fawkes has immediately proved him wrong, with this piece, breaking the news that Mandelson has had an audience with Her Maj. That's better. Still hate the 'New Here?' post though.



Mark Reckons said...

You look much prettier in that picture than I was expecting.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Any chance of a photo of your norks?

Constantly Furious said...

She's rather lovely, int' she?

No idea who she is. That's the trouble with copyright infringement..