The stench of hypocrisy

Donna Guthrie, of 'Unite against Facism', trying to shrilly explain why it was just fine and fucking dandy for her cohorts to disrupt the BNP's press conference today, to assault the attendees by throwing eggs, to prevent free speech, and to stifle debate:

"We don't believe in free speech - for facists"

You stupid, stupid, hypocritical bitch.

And you're the fucking spokesperson, chosen to talk to the media. CF can only imagine how self--righteously thick and inarticulate your colleagues must be.

It almost (almost) makes CF wish he'd voted for the BNP himself, if this silly fucking tart is the other side of the coin.

UPDATE: pop over the the UAF Facebook Groups if you like; tell 'em what you think. CF posted this, but there's room for much, much more..

Hat-tip: Old Holborn

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patently said...

::bangs head on wall repeatedly::

It starts with:

"Labour are treating us worse than minorities. That's racist. Racism is wrong. So let's vote for a racist party".

and leads to this.

Why are people so stupid?

Anonymous said...

Totally agree, the BNP will surely gain more support if the comments on the Sky are anything to go by. I fear now the true ramifications of immigration will rear its ugly head.

Dave said...

If these people represent anti fascism then what a gift for any right wing group? You only have to cast an eye on them or listen to them for a minute or so in order to want to vote in any way that upsets them.

Quiet_Man said...


People aren't stupid, call them racists enough times for being worried about mass immigration and they'll vote for someone who promises to do something about it.

Simples ☺ not stupid.

Parliament of Pigfuckers said...

It is worth noting that the 1930s 'anti-fascists' whose imagery this mob use were communists who considered everyone to their right a fascist (including the social democrats).

Gigits said...

This was disgusting. For 'Unite Against Facism' read 'Communist Party'.

Somebody should throw something at these UAF twats, maybe a fist. See how they like it.

I didn't vote BNP, and never would, but they were democratically elected and so should be able to speak without fear of intimidation.

Freecloud said...

They seem less keen on combatting Islamofascism (aka Islam).

Strange that, but then most Muslims aren't white European men.

I think that's the underlying problem here.

Anonymous said...

What a disgraceful moment for democracy! No, not the election of the BNP... it was those fucking loonies today who used violence and intimidation to prevent an elected official holding a legitimate press conference.

The police should be dealing with these people.

I'm not a BNP voter and never likely to become one.... oh wait! If the choice is between the BNP and those Unite Against Facists then I know where my vote will be heading.

Inarticulate and immature bunch of hippes that need to grow up and learn the best way to expose extreme views of a legal political party is through legitimate protest, debate and the ballot box. Time to grow up people.

Norton Folgate said...

Fighting fascism by out fascisting the fascists.


Anonymous said...

People _this_ fucking stupid should absolutely NOT be allowed to vote.

Why is there no minimum IQ requirement for voting? FFS.


Longrider said...

I've been having this discussion with a commenter on my blog. I was surprised when he said that freedom of speech shouldn't apply to Griffin and his oiks. He simply doesn't get it.