At last - the word is used

CF knows a little about Parliamentary convention (unlike NuSpeaker Bercow, wigless, robeless and charmless on his first day in the big seat).

And he knows that, whilst in the House, one Hon. member may not accuse another Hon. Member of "'lying'. Perish the thought.

However, the Tories seem to have let that historical barrier prevent them from ever hinting that Gordon Brown was somewhat less than honest in any circumstances, anywhere.

But at last, someone in the Tory bunker has peered into his (or her) undies and been delighted to notice that, overnight, they've grown a pair.

Leading to this video, which pushes the old boundaries a long, long way:

Lies, lies, lies, lies. CF is no Tory, but is fucking delighted to finally see Brown being called what he is and has always been: a liar.

Hat-tip to, well pretty much everybody. This is going viral at high speed.


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Fausty said...

At last!

It makes me physically ill to watch the twat these days.

Glad Bercow berated Brown for making an annoucement in the press before he was due to make his statement in the HoC.

Gutted that he got the job, though.

Barking Spider said...

Brown is going to absolutely hate this - GOOD - lying fucker!