What's that noise?

All morning, CF has been able to hear a faint swishing noise, followed by a soft 'thud'. No matter where CF goes on the internet, or which paper he picks up, or whch television channel he switches to, CF is unable to escape the sound. What could it be?

Ah! That's it! Its the sound of thousands of bloggers, journalists and reporters frantically flogging a dead horse. The former steeplechase champion, and winner of the Daily Telegraph Circulation Gold Cup, 'MP's expenses'.

For fuck's sake. Come on, guys. The information that's been released today is a drastically censored version of what the Telegraph has had for fucking weeks. Do you really think there's any meat left on the bones?

As we've said before, by all means spend a happy morning cavorting about in your local (or your least favourite) MP's metaphorical dustbins, but don't pretend its a substitute for holding this woeful fucking government to account.

Don't forget, while you're smoothing out the crumpled receipts over a coffee and a hobnob, Gordon Brown is still Prime Minister, and is busy churning out blatant lies about his spending plans, Shahid Malik is still in a job, despite thinking that Muslim's Don't Do Direct Debits, and the Labour government, currently the exclusive property of the Lord High Mandelson, are planning to enshrine their misguided policies and distorted 'val-hues' in LAW.

Isn't that a bit more fucking important the the Rt. Hons. toilet paper?

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Anonymous said...

I haven't bothered with expenses now that we have proof they are pigs.

I'm more interested in why MPs can't warn us about murderers and pedos moving into our neighbourhood

Shibby said:
"Everyone has the right to know the identity and whereabouts of an innocent blogger because the authority doesn't like what he says, but nobody is allowed to know when they live next to a terrorist, murderer or pedo"

There's also the dustbin issue.
Chipmunk's D-Day
The public spend/cut lies
Gypsies getting preferential treatment with GPs.

There are so many absurd, corrupt, immoral stories involving Liebour, MP expenses is just chicken feed.

Goblin said...

An important issue about MPs expenses that appears overlooked by the majority of bloggers today is the failure of the Commons to fully disclose what the High Court had ruled upon in the Freedom of Information Act on MPs.

See para 35 on the High Court ruling.


The High Court judges had ordered disclosure of all receipts and claims of the MPs in the original requests along with the addresses of their second homes.

Why have the commons authorities now redacted this information contrary to the High Court ruling?

Anonymous said...

CF - Telegraph gonna publish expenses anyway this Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Well, I went through my MPs expenses this morning and was interested to see that he filled out multiple taxi receipts in the same handwriting... dammit what a useless shit he is they were all only for 6 quid each. My MP, I conclude, is totally unfit for purpose if this is the best expense scam he can come up with.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and CryBaby, we don't get told about pedophiles moving nearby because local mobs start going around beating up pediatricians.

RantinRab said...

Mr Furious, methinks that the 'powers that be' are using the release of the expenses info as a smokescreen. Something else is afoot.

JuliaM said...

"There are so many absurd, corrupt, immoral stories involving Liebour, MP expenses is just chicken feed."

There has been a bit of an overload in the last week or so, hasn't there?

Good blogging material, but bad news for the country...

JuliaM said...

"...CryBaby, we don't get told about pedophiles moving nearby because local mobs start going around beating up pediatricians."

Urban myth, I'm afraid:


May return soon..fuckety fuck. said...

im with rab on this one..there is more shit still primed and ready to hit the fan.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Yep RabC and OB are on the case. The whole thing is a stinking herring.

Go look for the stuff BBCMSMGoebblistas don't mention to find out where it's really at.

If a bunch of Tierra del Fuegan Snow Aardvarks have decided to get rid of their central wank and go for everyone wanking in the privacy of their own hovels, well there be trouble brewing there I'll bet, pronto.

Oh and where are the MINOT nukes???

Heads up!!!!!

Lester Taylor said...

Getting a bit desensitized to the expenses row.....have they forgotten the country is going down the tubes?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Because you can still find things like this and this. And this. ;o)

And that's just the first obscure cunt I've looked at.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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