And another one bites the dust

There goes Hazel Blears!! The littlest Cabinet minister has finally done the right thing, and fallen on her toothpick.

And so the meltdown rages on unabated. Such entertainment.

Yet another incompetent fucking trougher decides to take the exit, kicking the snivelling, recumbent form of the PM as they push past him.

CF wonders if the wimmin all plotted this together, sitting up late on Sunday night, planning this out, chuckling as they imagined the sound of Nokias striking plaster.

Surely CF is right, and Its all over for Gordon now. He's got no friends, no supporters and - hopefully - no fucking future.

Gordon, for fuck's sake take the hint : make sure you're next.

(hat tip Gigits for the pic)

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Anonymous said...

"The littlest Cabinet minister has finally done the right thing, and fallen on her toothpick"

Oh brilliantly put. And what timing the Chipmunk has.

Lexander said...

In spite of everything I would still like to fuck some sense into her. She is my fav. socialist mainly because she likes motorcycles and leathers!

Constantly Furious said...

CF would very much like to distance himself from remarks made by Lexander, above. Dear god. Ugh.

Catosays said...

Move over Lexander, I'm first. I must say that i could really do the business with her. I've long been a sucker for a redhead.

Cate Munro said...

Oh YUK YUK YUK Lex & Cato! Jesus - she's a minger - albeit a cute one (and not in 'cute ass' way!) either!
Anyway - I LOVE that pic Const! Made me giggle MY cute little Tory ass off!

Catosays said...

Come on then TP...where's the pcof your cute little butt?

Don't Call Me Dave said...

I would rather take the other bus than ride my bike into Blearstown. Now Caroline Flint on the other hand…..

Show Us Your Pics! said...

We want pics!

Pics of Tory Totty's 'cute little Tory ass'

Pics of Caroline Flint 'on the other hand'.

Any you got!