Milliband next?

Rumours swirling tonight that - rather than the lovely Caroline Flint, who appears to have had an attack of the vapours - David Milliband is to be the next MP to grow a pair and stagger toward the exit, pausing only to take a piss on the recumbent, sobbing form of the Prime Minister.

Not entirely clear what the fuck he hopes to gain from this, and anyway, we already know Gordon's going nowhere, but fuck, isn't this a laugh?

UPDATE: Nah, it was just that - a rumour. Millipede has just denied it on Radio 5 Live. Ah well. But can we trust the slippery fucking weasel? Gordon Brown's still got some sleepless hours ahead..

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Catosays said...

Oh Frabjous Day!
(sorry but I'm soooooooooooooo happy)

Anonymous said...

Hutton has gone now. The one-eyed twat can't hold out for much longer, he just cant. It's not fair!!

Parliament of Pigfuckers said...

Millitwat has no fucking spine, and is acutely aware that no sane leader (even by ZaNuLab standards) would give him a role more senior than acting as a mobile waste-paper basket.

Zoompad said...

I thought Millibroon had already cloned himself into Gorgonzola, he spouts the same NWO Common Purpose hogwash, his hand gestures are the same, he's even caught the Broon stammer!