Mrs Speaker?

Apparently, bookmakers Ladbrokes have made recently turfed-out former Minister Margaret Beckett second favourite to win the who's-going-to-replace-Gorbals-Mick-at-the-trough contest.

Should she win (and why shouldn't she? we don't need a non-Labour speaker, fuck precedent, fuck etiquette), she'll have no problem emulating her predecessors.

Oh no, Mrs. B is very familiar with the fees office, having claimed for a fucking Pergola and some marigolds, those essentials for any modern parliamentarian's duties.

CF wishes the horse-faced caravan lover luck; she'll be perfect:

Ayes to the left, neeeiiiiiggggghhhhhhhs to the right.

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Unknown said...

It's utterly disgusting that this abomination could even consider standing!

David Blunkett said...

She's NOT ugly, I'm told she's gorgeous, and I would give her one.

Anonymous said...

By the look of her, it is probably second favourite in the 3.40 at Kempton Park.