Do you really believe that shit?

CF likes to know what's going on in the world, and in the tiny minds of the cretins that populate it. Twitter is a handy way of hearing the voices of the many. Feel free to click to follow CF's random ejaculations.

The HouseOfTwits is a useful aggregator - it repeats the 'Tweets' of a large number of people involved in the foetid politics of this once-great nation.

One such tweet floated up in front of CF's eyes this morning:

"Be further annoyed you oppositionists. Brown economic plan continues to work"

The tweet also had a link to a piece in the FT. Which didn't mention the UK economy or Gordon Brown at all.

What it did say - midst some pretty tedious American tractor stats - was that demand for oil in China had increased slightly in recent months, which may (may) indicate that some recovery is underway there. What the fuck has that got to do with Broon?

So this particular Twitterer, a Labour councillor and clearly a fucking demented Labour supporter, either genuinely believes that the Chinese recovery (if there is one) is thanks to Gordon Brown's policies. Jesus H. Christ. OR - worse still - doesn't actually believe that at all, but thinks that we're all so fucking thick that we'll swallow that pathetic fucking propaganda whole and decide to vote Labour once more?

Dear god.

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Not a sheep said...

"Labour support" "thinks"... Do you see the problem?

A *REAL* thinker said...

I don't understand your point.

Why don't you think that Chinese recovery is down to Gordon Brown? After all, it was he who had the World's leaders come to London for the G20 and it is they who, after lauding him, went back to their countries to implement his ideas and policies for recovery. Obviously, we are now seeing the inevitable green shoots of recovery that we staunch believers knew would be the result of his firm action.

You should learn to be intermittently furious and give credit where credit is due. Gordon did well and continues to keep a steady hand on the tiller. This is NOT the time for petty political points-scoring.

Anonymous said...

Even if there is a slight recovery - and that is debatable - I don't see how printing money and doubling our debt can possibly be contributing factors. I know the Left are trying to deceive the elctorate to get votes, but seriously, come on.

I would argue very strongly that if there is a recovery sooner rather than later, it is DESPITE brown and Labour, not BECAUSE of them.

Catosays said...

@Real Thinker.

If you're serious, then you're an utter twat.

Only a blind man would follow Brown anywhere and that would be merely out of curiosity.

To use a time honoured phrase, Brown would be out of his depth in a car park puddle.

Thats News said...

The orange sky and the yellow clouds that are visible from Real Thinker's planet must be very interesting.

A *REAL* thinker said...


Well, I'll take the insult as a sign of the level of your political maturity and let it wash over me. REAL thinkers and opinion makers are used to such mud-slinging.

But no matter - the fact is that Brown showed true leadership during the credit crisis which started in US and this was acknowledged by the G20 delegates, without exception.

He's a real master in the art of steering a course through rough waters. Witness his brilliant handling of the recent attempted Labour party "coup", where one day everybody was predicting his demise, the next day, he was once again at the head of a refreshed cabinet, showing true determination to get the country through these difficult time, finding genuine solutions to problems affecting hard-working families who, because of problems originating with George Bush, find themselves under tremendous pressure.

Please don't be misled by the headlines in the Tory press - the real situation is out on the streets and I reach out to you and ask you, for the sake of Great Britain, to stop the insults and fall in behind this determined, clever and considerate man. With faith in his leadership and vision, Great Britain, and all the other countries in the World, will soon arrive in greener pastures.

Do as other World leaders have done, (China, USA, Brazil, India, all of Europe), - salute his charismatic example and embrace his vision of global renew.

Steve Tierney said...

Actually, when you print *enough* money you can create a situation where a recovery seems to be underway.

It's a false dawn, the result of huge amounts of funny money floating around while the market takes time to adjust to the inflationary nature of that influx.

The next stage, unfortunately, is a combination of inflation from the first batch of money and reality reaffirming itself as the QE Euphoria reaches its messy conclusion.

At that point you can either do what you should have done in the first place, face reality, and spend within your (now even lower due to new debt and inflation) means. Or keep printing money and make sure everybody has a wheelbarrow to carry it in.

Mr Angry said...

A REAL Thinker you patently are not my friend, a real mug swallowing the Party line perhaps.

China chose not to take any economic action regarding the recession, and certainly refused to participate in Brown's much lauded second stimulus plan, which was rejected by just about everyone else at the summit.

The recession in Britain, and the world, is getting worse, not better, as all of the independent international bodies, such as the IMF, World bank etc, agree as they also point out regularly that is has been Brown's gross mismanagement of our economy and lunatic profligacy with other people's future earnings that has made it so very much worse here than it otherwise need have been.

Never mind the party politics, the economics show Brown up as the deserved recipient of all the criticism rightly coming his way.

Anonymous said...

@A Real Thinker.

I think you've mispelled your name. It should be A Right Wanker.