Shat on again

So, we've "democratically" replaced one Labour stooge with another. Yes, yes, the Tories had a vote, but they are in a fucking minority, so this was always going to go the way Labour (well, Mandelson actually) wanted.

Furious at yet another blatant piss-take and abuse of the system. Was about to blog the fury, but realised in time that Obo' the Clown has already summarised perfectly:

"Tonight, Great Britain, the Commons flipped you a great big bird; they dropped their trousers and spread their butt-cheeks at you, and by a margin of 322 to 271, they yelled: "FUCK YOU, YOU LOSER CUNTS!" at the British electorate."

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Don't Call Me Dave said...

By electing Bercow, MPs have stuck two fingers up at the electorate. Perhaps Martin Bell will stand against him at the next election?

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Just heard Bercow on the news saying: “I continue to believe that the vast majority of members of this House are upright, decent, honourable people who have come into politics, not to feather their nests, but because they have heeded the call of public service.”

No doubt the tosser also believes in the tooth fairy and Father Christmas.