Gordon Brown thinks you're stupid

The Mirror is a tedious and tendentious rag and CF never has - and never will - paid money for a copy. However, whilst trawling the web for entertainment and enlightenment, the latest nonsense to be published in the Sunday Mirror came to light.

Gordon Brown has taken some time off from shining Peter Mandelson's shoes and penned a short piece for the Mirror. In it, he describes his bold vision for Britain and the ambitious programme of legislation he has lined up to help bring the recession to an end and really improve the lives of all Britons.

Does he? Of course he fucking doesn't. What he actually does is churn out his endlessly repetitive fucking lies about "Tory cuts".

"We now know that the Tories want to cut public spending by a savage 10 per cent. They have finally revealed what their true priorities are: a cuts plan that is wide, deep and immediate"

They're your fucking cuts, Gordo. Cuts you know you've planned already. Your tame chancellor read them out in the last budget, remember? This was before he'd grown a pair and told you where to go, so your figures tripped out of his mouth and then vanished into the small print without anyone noticing.

And they're cuts that any government in 2010 would need to make, after you spent over 10 years of pissing cash up the wall like a lottery winner with learning difficulties.

But you don't see that do you, Broon? Or in fact, you do see that, you see it very fucking well, but you're not going to admit it before hell freezes over.

You can't fucking stop yourself spinning and lying. You want us to believe that the Tories, when they take over the sweaty, shit-stained driving seat from you and your hopeless cronies, will make these cuts ..

"..in order to fund a £200,000 tax cut for the 3,000 richest families."

For fuck's sake. How stupid do you think we are, Gord?

"David Cameron – Mr 10 Per Cent – would actually make the recession worse, by slowing public spending at exactly the time we need it most."

Yup. You do think we're all terminally thick, if you think we're going to buy your version of events. In fact, you think we're so desperately dumb, that we don't know what a cut even means. So, explain it to us as if we were 7 years old, would you, McBroon?

"And the impact wouldn’t just be felt in our national economy, but at the level it matters most in your school, your hospital, your neighbourhood. Cuts of 10 per cent would mean 44,000 fewer teachers, 15,000 fewer police, 10,000 fewer soldiers and, each year, 32,000 fewer university places. Those aren't just numbers on the page, but real jobs hanging in the balance."

Gosh, Gordie, those Tories are just evil, aren't they. Why are they doing this again? You said so a minute ago, but we're so dense, we've forgotten already, so just remind us, please?

"They will cut the services you and I rely on so that they can redistribute resources to the 3,000 richest estates in the country."

At this point, dear readers, CF will have to take a stiff drink and lie in a darkened room.

How the fuck can a grown man, supposedly in a position of responsibility, trot out these barefaced lies?

And how the fucking fuck can what pretends to be a proper mainstream newspaper print them?

And how the fucking fucking fuck can anybody, anywhere, of any political persuasion actually be expected to believe that complete shitstorm of lies, exaggerations and bollocks?

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant post there CF - unfortunately the kind of retard that reads the Mirror will believe all Broon's garbage without question. Let's face it, if they had any intelligence they wouldn't be reading the Mirror in the first place - it even looks like a comic for fuck's sake ...

Anonymous said...

He's written that exclusively to the Mirror readers. Obviously, the profile of readers for the mirror are stupid enough to swallow this turd. Why not Telegraph or Times? Still, the cheek of it really is that he will do anything for his own benefit.

He should just be done with it and call it the Gordon Party.

Anonymous said...

CF, ordinarily that bag of shite published in the Mirror would make me apoplectic with rage. All Gordoom has done is reveal the depth of his delusion.

I think even the stupidest Labour supporter is beginnig to suspect that Gordon is incapable of telling the truth - it's just not in his nature.

Cate Munro said...

Fantastic post! I agree with all of the comments. The readership of the Mirror are either pissed-off Labour chavs (sorry - that should be 'grass roots') . . or defectors to the BNP! They believe any garbage you put in front of them - that's why Gordon writes in the Mirror. He knows that any respectable MSM appaer wouldn't tolerate such SHITE!

PETER shit stain on the duvet said...

it is common knowledge that to read the mirror you need a reading age of nine. so Mctwat probably struggles with the big words. the git is full of shit !the only people who read it are old factory workers who browse it while taking a dump .so their readership must be down to a few thousand and dropping !

Magic_2010 said...

All true. Sadly the factory I work in is full of fucking Mirror readers. You try and explain to them the net 7% cut Labour will undertake and they get bored.

These fucks have no interest in politics until someone spells out in crayon. They have no memory of the carnage New Labour have wrecked in 12 years. No, all they hear is Lord richey rich of richingdon possibly getting a tax break under Dave and suddenly they are full on experts.
If the tories get shit in work today from my colleages, they are fucking having it. Labour lies, waste, hypocracy, the ilk are fucking having it all.

Anonymous said...

Appears one of Downing St.'s spin is now going to be 'Tory wants to cut spending to fund tax cuts for the rich'. Even if the figure of 3,000 x £200,000 savings has any foundation in reality (and I can't imagine where it comes from, what tax exists that only targets the 3,000 richest people in Britain?) that only comes to £600 million. I say 'only' as due to the incompetence of Gordon Brown's 'world saving' economic strategy that figure pales into insignificance compared to the mountainous debt he's currently running up on our credit.

As said in every other comment though Mirror readers will lap this up unthinkingly, the middle class who swept Labour into power in the 90's won't be so gullible and this tripe only heaps more ridicule on the Glorious Father of our Economic Mirale (no-more-boom-and-bustism).

Sambo said...

Having read this........

My blood is boiling now - going for a lie down.