Ridiculous, or terrifying?

According to his biog' on LabourList, contributor Mike Smith is a Labour Party activist in Lambeth; he also works for SERA - Labour's environment campaign.

It would appear he also eats a lot of strong cheese just before bed, and has some strange and vivid nightmares.

After one of these episodes, Mike was clearly moved to sign on to LabourLost and set out what he thought his party (and, regrettably, our Government) should now do, and right soon at that. He's a smart boy, Mike. In spite of his loyalty to the new nasty party, he admits:

"there is now the possibility that Labour could lose the next general election"

Really? Get away. This, to Mike, would be a problem; not least because if the Labour party continues blazing away at both feet with a machine gun, then it could happen..

"..without a real discussion about what a Tory government's policies (or lack thereof) will mean for Britain"

..for which read, "without any of Gordon's blatant lies and shit-slinging shifting the public's view".

So, what does Mike propose the Government does?

"The Government needs to .. start to entrench our values and policies in law to stop a potential Tory government undoing Labour’s achievements of the last decade. "

Whoah! Hang on. What? What the fuck? What the fucking fuck? Is this serious?

"During the next year or so in power, the Government should pursue a twin approach of setting out our vision for a fourth Labour term if elected, but also entrenching the gains made so far under a Labour government. The proposals announced by Yvette Cooper to introduce a legal duty to tackle child poverty could provide a model to embed the gains made over the last 12 years."
"..in the year before the most dangerous general election for Labour in recent decades, we must .. focus on how we secure and entrench the gains made so far, to ensure the Tories can’t undo these without a fight."

Dear God. Bring smelling salts. Bring strong drinks. Let’s just get this straight, shall we? This 'Labour activist' genuinely believes that all Labour policies and their fucking bizarre 'values' should be made into law. Into fucking law, for Christ's sake.

How fucking typical of Labour-think is that? If you don't think the way Labour thinks, then you're not just wrong, you're breaking the fucking law.

Do you think that we should stop giving overseas aid to countries that have their own fucking Space Programme? You just committed a thought-crime.

Think there's too many unelected ministers in the Cabinet? Best not to say it out loud.

Not happy that the Iraq inquiry is to be held in secret? I'm going to have to ask you to accompany me to the station, Sir.

'I'm arresting you, Sir, for thinking that making Sir Alan Sugar a Lord was a fucking stupid thing to do'

All-too-frequently, this totalitarian government's actions draw comparisons to Orwell's 1984, but this takes the fucking biscuit. This would have George Orwell himself raising his eyebrows and telling you not to be so fucking stupid.

Our only hope, dear God, is that Mike Smith is a very junior, very misguided, lone activist and came up with this fatuous idea all alone. The alternative is terrifying.

CF really, really, really hopes that this isn't the first sighting of the preliminary phases of the early stages of my Lord Mandelson's master plan. If it is, then we're screwed.

It's possible that this has been seriously considered, and is now being carefully trailed to see whether the public will swallow it or not. Or whether the public will even fucking notice, given that SuBo's dropped out of BGT, Kerry Katona has got fat (again) and Megan Fox is single.

If we hear this again on the sofas of breakfast TV, or in a little ghost-written piece from Gordon,tucked away in the Sunday Mirror, then it's definitely time to take to the fucking streets.

Hat-tip to Old Holborn for picking up this nonsense

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The Young Oligarch said...

Unfortunately for Britain this mob of chancers will alternate between slash & burn and blatant electioneering for the next year .

We can only hope that , in the forth-coming general election , they are buried permanently and not just for a generation .

Anonymous said...

Ahem, do we not still have the laws introduced by the last Conservative governments on banning secondary picketing and the right to buy of council housing?

All Governments want to entrench their reforms.

Of course if Labour do it means a later election, more time for them to fall apart. Go on Gordon and then go anyway.

Rob said...

Megan Fox is single? Maybe there is a god after all!

Anonymous said...

They're already doing it with Yvette and her Poverty Bill, why should we think they won't continue? It's all just bollocks from a despairung fag-end government that can't understand how it's public has deserted it.

Anonymous said...

CF, Labour's GE campaign has already started. The barking mad ideas will be flung out fast and furious now and the MSM will lap it up.

Labour's GE strategy won't be about what they will do post 2010, but what the nasty Tories are NOT going to do. It's all in Gordoom's psychopathology: Do whatever is necessary to keep the Tories away from government. Not because a Tory government will be any worse than Labour but because they will (yet again) reveal the depth of Labour's and in particular Gordoom's complete incompetence.

Cooper-Bollocks can bleat all she likes about poverty bills and the like, but by the time they have been tabled, debated and batted back and forth between the Houses, they will have run out of time and a new government will be in place.

Von Spreuth. said...

Remember the thick arseholes in the 5th and 6th forms at Britains schools in the 70s that ALL thought this way? The pink fluffy bunny brigade that thought the only reason for the second world war was because "not enough was done to try and talk to Hitler and compromise with him"? Those little 15 and 16 year od wankers that were card carrying members of "C.N.D"? The tits who wanted EVERY single breath taken by a policeman to be recorded and open to public inspection? Who thought Marx and Stalin were the GOOD guys of history?

The wierdo, pinkoe, cowardly, sandle wearing, incence sniffing, lentil eating, Part time potery teaching, basket weaving, prisoner visiting, crochet nicker wearing, tyed dyed skirt carrying,"new age music" listening, poetry reading, Tree talking, Police hating, men hating (even the "men"), P.T.A chair "person" wannabees, wet nelly type, now with bastards named "rainbow", "Jade" and bloody "rain forest", limp wristed toss pot, just DYING to do "sociology" and bleeding "Social work" at Open University, who would rather see their families tortured beaten and raped than do anything so "daring" as to actualy bloody DEFEND themselves? And that thought Africans in Toxteth and Brixton had EVERY right ti riot as a protest against "slavery"?

Well now these arse holes are in "Government".

Still surprised?

Von Brandenburg-Preußen.