Quote of the campaign (so far)

From Stephen Allison, UKIP Councillor in Hartlepool, on twitter:

"Unlike Samantha Cameron and Sarah Brown, Miriam Clegg has stayed out of the media spotlight, mainly by standing next to her husband."

Oh, ahahahahahahaha!

++ Update ++   It seems that Mr. Allison may have been being a little 'derivative': according to commenter PJH ,the quote is from the utterly hilarious 'Vote Now Show' on the utterly value-for-money BBC Radio 4.  Oh well. Still very funny though.

(tip of the hat to W's from W)


PJH said...

Copied from last nights 'Vote Now Show' no doubt.

(Mid-week political version of Friday night's Now Show on Radio 4.)

Anonymous said...

QUOTE IS A VERB, QUOTATION IS A NOUN. I'm sorry I know I should get out more. This is my favourite blog and I can't bear to see poor word choice.

PJH said...


<sigh> It may be, but it can also be a noun.



Constantly Furious said...

"Usage Note: People have been using the noun quote as a truncation of quotation for over 100 years, and its use in less formal contexts is widespread today."