Finally, Gordon speaks out on major issues

This fascinating breaking news just in from the BBC:

"Gordon Brown has said he thinks X-Factor's twin contestants John and Edward Grimes are "not very good".

"The prime minister told Manchester radio station Key 103 he did not rate the twins but added that some of the other contestants were "really good"

 Dear God. Sometimes CF becomes quite weak with rage. Haven't you got anything better to do, Brown?

Just as CF was about to launch into a furious rant, he realised that Steve Shark had already got it said, in a very clear and concise manner:

"..never mind the fact that we’re fighting a war in Afghanistan that we can never win, facing a level of national debt unprecedented in our country’s history, seeing our essential freedoms eroded on a daily basis, paying for one ill-conceived government initiative after another, living in thrall to a series of  reforms designed to give everyone ‘rights’ apart from those paying for them to be implemented and encouraging a culture based on ignorance, sloth and lack of responsibility."

"No, Gordon still finds time to watch the X-Factor whilst the country falls apart like a leper in a jacuzzi."

Spot on, Steve. Fucking spot on.



Anonymous said...

Fair does, he did eventually disclose that he favours biscuits with cholate in them.

Anonymous said...

And his mentor was a paid commie agent...all makes sense now, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure we are all familiar with the curse of the one-eyed son of the manse. Everything that Brown praises or admires is doomed (see Guy Fawkes' blog for a running history of this phenomenum.

If the opposite holds true, this lastest statement from Brown ensures that John and Edward will win.

Captain Haddock said...

Studid, deluded, one-eyed, snot-gobbling tosspot probably thought he was seeing double anyway ..

SteveShark said...

Thanks for the H/T.
Oops...some people don't like that.

Fidothedog said...

Every time you think that the cunt Gordon could not be more of an utterly cunt; he then proves us all wrong by being even more of an utter cunt.

Anonymous said...

Jedward are a perfect metaphor for Britain today a land fit for halfwits !

banned said...

Did they win ? ( telly-poverty-victim )