Scribblegate: two penn'orth

So, 'Scribblegate' rumbles on. The sorry tale of Gordon Brown's hopeless attempt at a condolences letter to a bereaved mother of a soldier lost in Afgahnistan.

And there are some highly mixed opinions across the media and the blogosphere as to the rights and the wrongs of this squalid ittle event.

Of course, CF must have his two penn'orth.

Spelling mistakes are just - just - understandable, particularly if the writer is half-blind and over-worked. You can believe that Brown may not have noticed the odd error. However, we - the taxpayer - cough up for a fucking vast retinue of civil servants, assistants and little helpers. They can't all have been busy making up poisonous lies about the eeeevil Tories, can they?

Surely somebody must have been on hand to have a glance at these letters before they went out?

Or perhaps there was, and perhaps there's such a culture of fear and bullying in the bunker that no-one dared say anything, for fear of spending the rest of the day in A&E having fragments of a Nokia phone picked out of their skulls.

However, what is not acceptable, what is unforgivable, is Brown's attitude when he made a mistake, crossed it out, and carried on with the letter.

If you cross something out, you know you've made a mistake. That's why you fucking cross it out. So at that point, regardless of whether he knew about the other spelling mistakes, Brown should have screwed up the letter and started again.

For fucks sake, you don't send any note out with crossings-out. If you're writing a fucking sick note to excuse a child from games and you make a mistake, you start again, never mind a letter to a bereaved mother.

Many people, receiving a letter like this, would treasure it. Some might even want to frame it, or to display it. Did Brown think of that as he scribbled on, the words "fuck it, that'll do" forming in his head?

Did he not think he should have another go, to re-do the letter when he made an error? After all, its not like he was struggling to find words, to know what to say, is it? He boasts of having done hundreds of these letters.

Was he so, so busy that he literally had no time to take the extra three minutes to write this one from scratch?

To not bother, to carry on and to send the note out shows such disrespect to the recipient, any recipient, and such a lack of awareness of what this particular letter is for and about, that you can begin to believe the rumours - the man must be fucking autistic. How else to explain his total lack of understanding?

But what this all boils down to, yet again, is Brown the man. Christ knows what Faustian pact he reneged on, or how many vengeful goblins he swindled out of their gold, but the man is truly cursed. Everything - absolutely everything - he touches turns into the purest shimmering shit. He cannot put a foot right.

No-one in their right minds would choose for a man this inept, this disconnected, this uncaring, this plain fucking embarrassing to be Prime Minister, would they?

Oh, that's right: no-one did.

++UPDATE++   For anyone tempted to play the "the poooor maaaan is disaaaaaaabled" card, read this. Posted by a partially-sighted person, who knows Brown has no excuse.



Captain Haddock said...

The Man (and I use the term in its loosest possible sense) has no respect for anyone or anything .. He has no interest in anyone or anything beyond his own ego ..

He's been determined to have the job of PM for years and nothing and no-one was going to stop him ..

The fact is, having got the job .. he suddenly discovers that he's "not up to it" , doesn't have the "right stuff", can't "cut the mustard" .. but does he have the personal integrity and courage to admit it and stand down (for the good of the Nation) ? ..

No .. be goes into mega-denial & blunders on ..

Brown is a disgrace to Politics, to his Party and to his Country ..

With his "track-record" were he a Race Horse or a Greyhound .. he'd have been shot & rendered down long ago ..

Catosays said...

I've said elsewhere that if the man can't see properly, then he should have had the letter typed up with an explanation/apology for its format.
Anyone would have accepted that.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You know the saying "when you're in a hole, stop digging"? Someone needs to explain it to Gordoom.

That he has the temerity to phone Mrs Janes and deny that he spelled her son's name incorrectly when his letter was reproduced in the papers for all to see that he had spelled her name incorrectly and tried unsuccessfully to correct the error in writing Jamie, just beggars belief.

RantinRab said...

CF, think about it.

Of course he has his team of advisors around him. The letter would have been checked before it went out.

I would say that it was ALL DONE ON PURPOSE.

He has run out of options and is now grasping at the sympathy vote.

It has just backfired a wee bit!

Constantly Furious said...

See everybody?

Henry Crun made a mistake in his comment, so he deleted it, and did it again. Twice.

Not difficult, is it? ;-)

Captain Haddock said...

Rab ..

I'll show Brown the same amount of sympathy he's shown British war dead & their families .. and with as much sincerity ..

Feckin' zilch ...

Anonymous said...

Spot on, Cf - and the casual way he refers to 'having written hundreds of these letters' - indeed he has and every one will be filed away in family memoirs and should have been treasured - he completely failed to see (no pun intended)that in mentioning the fact that he had written hundreds of these letters he was opening another can of worms......

Jill said...

FFS @ Brown for being so um... yes, Rainmanish that he can't see a dashed off, ill spelt letter isn't the personal touch, it's disrespectful.

FFS @ Downing Street for letting the fucking thing go out. Support staff? Jesus fuck. EVERYONE involved in the running of this country is a hopeless incompetent.

FFS @ the Sun, for channelling a mother's grief to serve its own political campaign. It's stomach-turning.

In fact, FFS @ everyfuckingone.

I'm totally pissed off.

caesars wife said...

My typos get a lot of stick , but then again I dont find myself writing to the berreaved on beahlf of the British government .

25 spelling mistakes ! sort of puts the £300bn debt into perspective ,probebly menat $ instead of £ although looking at it he may be meaning euros ,GULP

banned said...

Only Brown could have made things even worse by following up his gaffes with such a dippy phone call. Mandelson must be furious.

Anonymous said...

Thank christ for that, I was starting to think it was just me. The man is a fucking disgrace.

And either he knows and doesn't care, or he is such a nutjob that he really truly doesn't know.

And no one else is willing or able to stop him.

Thanks for the link love.

Anonymous said...

I understand your sentiment but at least the poor man found no need to write swear words in his letter unlike you who would appear to have so little grasp of the english language that you are unable to find words to express your distain and venom without resorting to base words

Constantly Furious said...

That's right, brave Anonymous, I clearly have a poor grasp of the English language.

However, your comment, with its complete lack of punctuation, missing uppercase letters and use of the word ‘distain’ when you presumably mean ‘disdain’ will provide me with a handy template as to how to write in future.

For fucks sake..

Anonymous said...

I understand your sentiment but at least the poor man found no need to write swear words in his letter unlike you who would appear to have so little grasp of the english language that you are unable to find words to express your distain and venom without resorting to base words

Am I the only person who thinks it's LMAO funny that there isn't any punctuation in that. Oh yeah, and 'English' is a proper noun, you cunt.