What's important, Obama?

Barack 'one term Barry' Obama was called upon to address a conference, but before he could jump into his favourite place - the limelight - he was told of a tragedy.

An Army psychiatrist, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, opened fire, killing 13 and wounding 29 in a shooting rampage at a Soldier Readiness Processing Center in Texas.

So, did Mr President change his words to reflect the sombre situation? Not really.

Did POTUS even mention this fresh American tragedy? Well, sort of, in the end.

After waving to the crowd, gurning at a couple of favourites, talking up whatever fucking pointless conference he was at and generally playing the genial 'straight kinda guy' president, he eventually - eventually - gets round to mentioning the tragedy.

If you want to hear him mention it, then you'll have to jump right up to 2 minutes and 25 seconds in. After all, Barry's got some important stuff to discuss prior to that...

As Counting Cats says, at least he wasn't reading 'My Little Goat'. But he might as well have been.

Dear God.



subrosa said...

Shameful isn't it. I hope this makes it right round the blogosphere. CCiZ is good for testing the atmosphere in the US. One of my regular reads.

caesars wife said...

That is pretty weird for US president

Barking Spider said...

He's absolute shite when he has to improvise so he sticks to his script, whatever it may be.
Have you noticed the pregnant pauses for "dramatic effect" just like Bliar used to do when he was in full "people's princess" mode?

Anonymous said...

Let us remember the wise words of President Obama Beach

" Let us march together into the future !"

sobers said...

I found this remarkable. A serious terrorist act has been committed and the President of the nation decides to send 'shout outs' to random nobodies before addressing that issue.

Imagine if Gordo was at some random conference of local govt executives (for example) when a similar shooting happened in Aldershot, say. And went on national TV to congratulate Bill Smith, chief exec of Bog Standard County Council, on what a wonderful job he was doing reorganising the bin collections on his patch, before addressing the issue at hand.

I don't think anyone would even contemplate that the proto-aspergers prime minister could be that insensitive. And that's saying something!

Nick said...

Bizarre sense of priorities. But maybe he knew that the TV networks would 'top & tail' the relevant soundbite.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell cares? I don't know why its so devastating that he took two whole minutes to mention something totally unrelated to what he came there to talk about. Its not like you couldn't see ceaseless coverage of the shooting on every single channel all day long.
When I have a personal tragedy, I really don't give a damn what the president has to say about it. Or Bono. Or Madonna. What is Obama supposed to be everyone's personal grief counselor now?