#paulclarke - now THAT's interesting...

Those of you who are avid readers of the Daily Mail, and have excellent memories, may remember this disconcerting story., from January this year.

Following rumours that a sex attacker was on the loose, this fine-looking mob got together, in the Surrey commuter village of Merstham.

According to the Mail:

"The men, aged 18 to 30, said they would interrogate any suspects they caught and hand out their own punishment.

Yeah, lovely.

But shortly after they'd posed for the team photo shown here, their leader was summoned by Surrey's divisional police commander, Chief Superintendent Adrian Harper, and told in no uncertain terms that vigilantes were "not welcome" on his manor,

Now, where have we heard the name Adrian Harper before, eh? Oh yes, that's right. He's the head of the nick where Paul Clarke was arrested.

After what was doubtless an enormous bollocking, the gang's leader, who would not be named, said:

"'I guess a few of the guys got a bit carried away. We have ditched the balaclavas and handed in the machete."

So an unnamed vigilante leader in Surrey hands in a weapon to Adrian Harper down his local nick, and is sent on his merry way (albeit with a bollocking).

But he was unknown only to us. Doubtless the local police know exactly who this man was.

Doubtless they have kept an eye on him ever since January.

Doubtless they'd be extremely worried if they thought the sort of guy who could whip up a vigilante gang, and had a fucking machete, for Christs' sake, got access to any other weapons.

Doubtless, if he did, they might have reacted in a disproportionate manner. After all, fear, and particularly panic, can make anybody act very oddly.

Doubtless you are all putting two and two together, right now..

The plot continues to thicken.  

And, there's more to come.

Hat-tip to the inestimable Dick Puddlecote, who is clearly extraordinarily well-connected and has broken this on his blog too.


Anonymous said...

Quit with the circumlocution: are you saying Paul Clarke *was* the leader of this vigilante gang, or are you implying it to mislead?

Jack of Kent said...

For the record, I do not think this really adds to the story as there is no sourcing/verification of any direct involvement of Mr Clarke.

All this shows initself is that there are also vigilantes, as well as broomhandle incidents and seemingly discarded sawn-off shotguns, in this (increasingly rather eventful) Surrey village.

GoodnightVienna said...

Since when did bloggers become so circumspect? If you know something, pls say it with sources. DP has done the same with his 'Imagine' post.

Are you saying Paul Clarke has been stitched up or are you saying vigilante gangs have been given the go ahead by Adrian Harper?

The best thing to do is keep an eye on it.

Unknown said...

Not in a position to name sources yet, which I know to many will invalidate this story.

However, the (unnamed) source is clear that Clarke claims to be the vigilante.

Clear enough for you?

Anonymous said...

The truth of the photo has more to do is a local report looking to make his break into the big time. Providing the hoods and getting them to pose for the shot. The lads thought the whole thing was a big joke.